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ARY Laguna DHA City Karachi – Project Features, Location & Prices

ARY Laguna

After the successful launch of its maiden project “ARY Villas” in Bahria Town Karachi in 2018, ARY Group is once again entering the real estate market of Karachi with its signature project “ARY Laguna” in DHA City Karachi. This unique residential project offers a luxuriously innovative yet affordable resort-style living around a “Man-Made Beach“. The project is yet to be launched officially, however pre-launch promos and teaser videos of the project are being broadcast across ARY Television Network.

Following is the table of contents in this article:

Introduction to ARY Laguna

ARY Laguna primarily features an “Artificial Lagoon” and a modern community development around the artificial beach. The idea of living by an artificial sea shore is so thrilling that the entire real estate market is looking forward to it.

The project will mainly offer luxury villas, mostly beach-facing, on easy installments. Other residential and commercial units, i.e. apartments, shops and offices may be launched at a later stage of development.

ARY Laguna is planned somewhere within the boundaries of DHA Phase 9, known as DHA City Karachi, however its exact location is yet to be disclosed. Essentially a very large area, probably 1000s of acres of land, has been reserved for this mega development venture.

It will take a couple more weeks for ARY Group to unveil these important details about the project. We are sharing as much information on this page as available through various official and unofficial market sources.

Major Attractions

There are four major attractions of ARY Laguna Karachi:

  • Artificial Lagoon
  • Tallest Building in the Subcontinent
  • Largest Shopping Mall in Pakistan
  • Beach-Front Villas

Artificial Lagoon

A lagoon is like a small sea, and ARY Laguna will feature the first man-made lagoon in Pakistan. The water will be crystal clear, and special technology will be used to keep mosquitoes, algae and fungi away from the water. White sand will be used to develop a beautiful beach where you can enjoy walks and sports.

Tallest Building in the Subcontinent

ARY Laguna aims to build the tallest building in the subcontinent. At present, the tallest building is Supernova in Noida, India, which is 320 meters high. Bahria Icon Tower – 273 meters high, is the tallest building in Pakistan, but it ranks 4th in the subcontinent. 

The Laguna building will be more than 320 meters high, and it will host a number of commercial activities, businesses and entertainment facilities.

Largest Shopping Mall in Pakistan

Another major attraction of the Laguna project is the largest shopping mall in Pakistan. Currently, Lucky One Mall in Karachi is considered to be the largest shopping mall in Pakistan. ARY Laguna is going to build even larger shopping mall to accommodate a lot more local and international products.

Beach-Front Villas

Residence is what all other attractions build upon. About 80% of the luxury villas will be beach-front, which means you will be able to enjoy the scenic vistas of the lagoon from your windows and balcony. 

Considering the nature of Laguna project, we can hardly expect small residential units in this community. Expected villa sizes may range from 500 Sq.Yards to 1000 Sq. Yards or above. We will update the exact sizes once official details are out.

The project may also offer plots or farm houses, but we cannot confirm planned property types until the official master plan is released.

Salient Features

This is not only about the Lagoon, but a modern community development which offers highest standards of amenities to the its residents. Be it education, health, sports, shopping, entertainment or business, the Laguna is all set to offer the top notch facilities for everything.

Following are some of the known salient features of ARY Laguna Karachi:

  • Resort-style Living in Pakistan
  • Artificial Lagoon with Crystal Clear Waters
  • Use of Technology to Create Dengue-free Environment
  • Water Sports Facilities
  • Top Class Restaurants on the Beach
  • Reserved Green Areas for Parks & Horticulture
  • Top Class Development Standards
  • Education and Health Facilities
  • Business and Recreational Facilities

This is indeed an amazing concept which requires a lot of courage and architectural prowess to materialize. All the initial planning work has already been done, and the project is set to be launched for bookings very soon.

The Launching Ceremony

The group CEO Mr. Salman Iqbal recently raised the curtain on this unique development project during the launch ceremony of Karachi Kings for PSL Tournament. He briefed on ARY Laguna, and explained his vision behind this innovative idea.

Following is the complete video of the Launch Ceremony of ARY Laguna:

The Malir Expressway

It is a factual statement that living in DHA City would mean living miles away from Karachi. The development of Malir Expressway is going to connect earlier phases of DHA with Airport and DHA City while shortening the distance to as low as half an hour drive.

Job Opportunities

This unique development venture will not only enhance the development standards of real estate sector in Pakistan, but also create jobs by supporting local manufacturing industry. About 80% of the materials required for development, construction and finishing will be produced locally through transfer of technology.

Own Brokerage Company

ARY Group is also going to establish the largest brokerage company of Pakistan by the name of “Visionary Holdings” having 21 offices across the globe. ARY Laguna will be launched through its own brokerage company, however individual companies will need to get registered in order to work.

Teaser Video

Following teaser of ARY Laguna is being broadcast nowadays on ARY Network:

Location & Prices

Unfortunately, there is no official information available as to the exact location of ARY Laguna, its master plan or prices of villas and apartments. We will update the authentic information once it is disclosed officially by the developer.

As per the market buzz, the location is going to be somewhere close to DHA City’s entrance area from the upcoming Malir Expressway. Once the master plan is out, we will be able to pinpoint the exact location of this mega development.

As regards prices, it is going to be an expensive project. The expected price range for a 500 Square Yards beach-front luxury villa may not be less than 5 crore rupees or so. The payment plan, however, will be quite flexible, as it takes a lot of time and efforts to carve out a lagoon away from the sea.

Booking Details

If you are interested to book your unit, feel free to register your interest by contacting us at 03455222253.

We will be adding more information on this amazing project from time to time, so keep visiting for more updates.

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