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Pakistan Real Estate Forecast for the Year 2022

Real Estate in 2022

Pakistan has always been pushing its real estate market to ensure better returns on land. It has been one of the most anticipated business opportunities for the residents of Pakistan. But with the latest boom in the sector, overseas Pakistanis are also looking forward to the development of this sector.

It has huge potential for exponential returns in the future, which makes it a lucrative sector to invest in. One of the main reasons to look forward to the real estate market of Pakistan is its growing nature.


The real estate market in Pakistan has shown significant growth over the years but it had been through difficulties. It was during the first two years of the current government that the people were discouraged to invest in the real estate market of Pakistan. It was when the government was strictly going after the tax fraud culprits.

It slowed down the real estate market of Pakistan since these people were the major investors in this sector. The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has ensured that only the people coming through legal channels are allowed to invest in real estate.

Future of the Real Estate in Pakistan 2022

The investors as well as the current government are optimistic for the real estate market in Pakistan because of its potential to bring in foreign investment. The government is actively pursuing overseas Pakistanis to invest in the real estate market of Pakistan. The reason behind the government’s increased trust in the overseas Pakistanis investing in the real estate market is to bring in more remittance.

The country is in dire need of foreign remittance and the real estate market is the best option as of now. The reason real estate is the best investment opportunity is that it is going to bring in huge sums of money from abroad.

End of Corruption in the Sector

FBR has taken the necessary steps to make sure that they are ending the corruption in this sector. There is hope for the year 2022 that only the people who have channeled their money through legal ways are allowed to invest in this sector. This is going to discourage all the people who were previously involved in corruption, land fraud, and other crimes related to land.

The police are also actively playing their part in making sure that investment in the land is the safest option for not only residents of Pakistan but overseas Pakistanis as well. The overseas Pakistanis were skeptical of investing in the land before because of land mafias controlling the real estate market in Pakistan. The legal authorities have taken charge of ensuring that these land mafias are put behind bars so that common citizens can invest their hard-earned money without any trouble.


Another step in the right direction is the modernization of the real estate market in Pakistan. There are different scenarios where overseas Pakistanis do not even have to visit Pakistan physically to sign the documents. They can even put their initials digitally while they are abroad, and it is legal for them to do this. The government is ensuring ease of business in the real estate market so that the investment does not stop. Moreover, the authorities are taking necessary steps to digitalize their land records so that the people have Peace of Mind whenever they think of investing in the real estate market.

Modern Housing Societies

The developers in the real estate market have been working on modern housing societies for the past decade. Moreover, the government has also launched their housing scheme called ‘Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.’ All these newly developed housing societies are indicated in One Direction and that is growing in the real estate market of Pakistan. In the year 2022, many of these housing societies will be completely built and the people will have possession of their lands as well.


The real estate market of Pakistan is going to grow exponentially in the year 2022. The reason behind this bold statement is that overseas Pakistanis are more than interested in the real estate market as of now.

This means that the property is going to increase in value in the next year and for all those looking for an opportunity; this is the right time to invest inland. For anyone looking to increase their property in value should hold onto their land, as the prices will go up in the future.  

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