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Development and Price Updates of Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave is surrounded by numerous projects and rapid development is seen in the neighborhood. Rudn Enclave faces the direct or indirect impact of these developments and it is necessary to stay updated.

This article gives you the latest and authentic information about the development of Rudn Enclave so you can adjust your investment plan accordingly.

Ring Road and Rudn Enclave

As you know, Rudn enclave is located right next to the Proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, so it has a direct impact on the development of Rudn Enclave especially General Block. Ring Road’s inauguration was planned for December 2020 but it didn’t happen due to corruption scandals.

However, NESPAK has already changed the plan accordingly, and hampering of Ring Road Development process delayed Rudn’s development.

Recently, the inauguration was to be held again in August 2021. Unluckily, the project faced allegations again and it hampered the development of Rudn Enclave again. A fact-finding committee was established by Punjab Government that found new routes and interchanges added to the Ring Road plan to benefit some housing societies.

Ring Road Impact on Rudn Enclave

Ring Road is located right next to the main gate of society, and any change here impacts the project directly in terms of development, prices, and market value. Rudn Enclave can face major infrastructural issues if the Ring Road plan is changed after General Block’s development. So, society may come up with another plan or wait for the finalization of Ring Road.

Latest Ring Road Update

The government of Punjab has approved the Ring Road Project after considerable delays. According to the latest news, Prime Minister Imran Khan will inaugurate Rawalpindi Ring Road on 25 August.

Authorities will decide the development strategy in future meetings. Check out Rawalpindi Ring Road Updates to learn more about the project. Ring Road will improve the market value of Rudn Enclave as it will bless the society with an individual interchange and cross through the society.

Development Updates

General Block of the society might face delayed development. However, some ground leveling work was done in Executive Block in the past, and it might be continued now as Rudn Enclave has announced the developer. Moreover, the sub-blocks away from the main entrance might also be developed because they are not affected by the Ring Road alignment.

14,000 Kanal land is already planned by NESPAK. 20,000 Kanal land is owned by the society, and 8,000 Kanal remaining land will be planned in the future extension. Adyala Road is the main approach road now, and it is developed and provides access to society. Check Rudn Enclave’s complete details for more development updates.

Latest Development Updates

As you know, Rudn Enclave recently announced the developers. UPDL is the authority that will manage the development. According to the latest news, the proper development will start at in the start of November.

Jamia Masjid along with Executive Block will be developed first followed by the General block. The groundbreaking ceremony is held on 3 November 2021 in an open event at the Rudn Enclave site

Price Plan Updates

A significant price increase is seen generally on residential, commercial property, and Farmhouses. The prices of Farmhouses increased more than residential and commercial plots due to higher market demands. The price of General Block commercial is also increased, and Executive residential plots got expensive as well!

Residential Price Increase

  • There is a 10% increase in the prices of 7 Marla, 10% in 10 Marla, and a 10% increase in the prices of Farmhouses.

Commercial Price Increase

  • 4 Marla commercial plots witnessed 20% while 8 Marla commercial prices increased by 16%.

The Latest price plans of Rudn Enclave is given below:

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