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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Launches Executive Block

RMRSCO Private Limited has launched its Executive Block in Rudn Enclave Housing Scheme on Adyala Road Rawalpindi. We will be sharing detailed features of this exclusive block as well as its launch date, ballot criteria and tentative prices of plots on this page, so read on for all important details.

Executive Block

After the change of alignment and Rawalpindi Ring Road, Rudn Enclave has become a hot investment option in Rawalpindi. As most of the plots in old blocks have already been sold out, this new block is coming up with increased prices and some exciting features.

Most importantly, development standards and planning of this block will be as per modern development standards. Minimum street size will be 40 feet while other sizes are 50ft and 60 feet, and there will be a network of wide streets and roads in and around this sector for convenient access to all amenities. A large area will be reserved for parks, green spaces, social and health activities. 

There will be some special monuments built around this block for the sake of embellishment, like we see in most of the modern housing projects. There are no further details officially available, however the society claims to meet investors’ expectations in terms of development standards and timely delivery.

NESPAK has finalized the master plan of this block, however, plot numbers will be allotted through computerized ballot unlike older blocks which were sold with plot numbers on the map.

As we already know that NESPAK is currently finalizing a reputable developer to resume full-fledged development work in Rudn Enclave by September or October 2020. RMRSCO has currently deployed some vehicles for earth work. Site Office is also being constructed in Executive Block, and some more exciting developments are in the offing. 


The location is Executive Block is towards the 3rd entrance of Rudn Enclave from Adyala Road. The area is marked green of the map of Rudn Enclave, so you can easily understand the location from the image given below:

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Location Map

As you can see the green area with red circle, that is the exact location of Executive Block. That land is clear, solid and elevated, so an ideal place for a residential development. The society had previously allotted 3000 plots in this area to the Railway Department, but now those plots are being shifted elsewhere and this land is being utilized for this new block.

Plot Prices and Ballot Criteria

Unlike old blocks, Executive Block is altogether a different project. There are total 5000 residential plots in this block, and plot sizes are 7 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal. These plots will be launched in 3 phases, i.e. 1500 plots will be sold in first phase at initial prices, then 1500 in 2nd phase at revised prices, and then 3rd phase will include 2000 plots at even higher prices.

First phase of bookings is starting from 10th of August 2020, and there are only 1500 plots in this booking. Official pre-launch prices have been disclosed now, so you can check the prices and payment plans below:

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Prices

Payment plan will be the same for these new residential plots, i.e. 20% down payment and remaining amount to be paid in 4 years through 48 monthly installments.

Once all plots are booked, the society will conduct a computerized ballot to allot plot numbers to all file holders. The map of Executive Block will be unveiled after the ballot. This entire booking exercise will close within next 2 months, so you can expect balloting of plots after 3 months or so. 

It is important to mention here that the society is currently just launching residential plots, while commercial plots will be launched at a later stage at higher prices.

Booking Procedure

There are just 1500 plots in this pre-launch offer of Executive Block, and prices are being revised by 10% on 15th of September, 2020. It is recommended to avail this offer and book your residential plots by paying 20% down payment at pre-launch prices, or you will lose this short term gain opportunity.

Should you require more information on Rudn Enclave Executive Block, or you want to reserve your plot, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com or call/whatsapp at 03455222253 for quick assistance.

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