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T and T ECHS (F-17/2) Plot Prices – Daily Updated

T and T ECHS F-17/2 is a famous and developed society in the premises of Islamabad that has displayed excellent performance in terms of investment. Investors who put money in this society enjoyed huge returns on investments. All the projects of the Multi Professional Cooperative Housing Society (MPCHS) have shown tremendous progress and returns on investment in the past. Here we give you the latest T and T ECHS F-17/2 Plot Prices.

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Work is underway in the undeveloped area of society, which will grab the attention of investors even more. is mostly preferred by people who want to build their homes and start living here because society is developed and ready for home construction. T and T ECHS (F-17/2) Plot Prices remained consistent throughout some years in the past; therefore its demand has increased.

The real estate market keeps changing, and prices of different housing societies keep fluctuating, therefore, it is important to stay updated on the latest prices; this helps you make better decisions. T and T ECHS F-17/2 is a highly demanded housing society due to different reasons such as the location, facilities, development speed, and the value it provides to investors and end-users.

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To keep you updated with the latest prices of T and T ECHS F-17/2 Islamabad, we have collected the prices of plots in different sectors of society and displayed them here on this page. You can go to this page and find the current prices of plots. These are current rates and may change on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis so you should contact us to get the latest prices and information!

Note: The price of commercial plots in T and T ECHS F-17/2 is 2 Lac per yard!

T and T ECHS F-17/2 Plot Prices as of 17th of November, 2022

Plot SizeMinimum PriceMaximum Price

Residential (Possession Plots)

30 * 6060 Lac1.05 Crore
35 * 601 Crore1.20 Crore
40 * 801.10 Crore1.25 Crore
50 * 901.25 Crore1.70 Crore

Residential (Non- Possession Plots)

30 * 6040 Lac55 Lac
35 * 6045 Lac60 Lac
40 * 80All plots in possession-
50 * 9065 Lac95 Lac