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Rawalpindi Ring Road to Be Extended Up to Zero Point Islamabad

Rawalpindi Ring Road

Here is another important update regarding the most awaited “Rawalpindi Ring Road” that will bypass the city center, and provide an alternative route to access motorway M-2. The higher authorities have now decided to extend the ring road project up to zero point Islamabad. This will increase the time and cost estimated earlier, but it will definitely benefit the general public in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

As per the earlier approved plan, Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR) was planned to start from Radio Pakistan near Rawat and go up to Murat in District Attock near New Islamabad Airport. Now the planned road will go from Murat to Sangjani near AWT Housing Scheme, and lead up to Zero Point. Earlier planned length of Ring Road was approximately 35.8 KM, whereas revised plan could be over 66 KM.

It is possible that this new plan will connect Ring Road with the pending Margalla Avenue which is already 70% built. Once this new plan is finalized, we will have better idea of the route as RDA still has to buy land for the extension plan.

RDA has already completed physical land marking on 35 KM planned route of Ring Road. Consulting Company Zeeruk international has been assigned the task to conduct survey of additional areas. Punjab Government will provide funds for land purchase, while Bank of China will provide funds for the construction work.

Construction work was scheduled to be started in financial year 2019-2020, and it was estimated to be completed by 2022. However, if extension plan is included, the estimated completion time may also increase.

As for now, we know the ring road will pass from Radio Pakistan to Losar, Adyala Road, Chakri Road, and Mouza Murat at the back of New Islamabad Airport. Additional plan up to Sangjani and back up to Zero Point is yet to be finalized, however land survey has already started in order to decide its route.

Rawalpindi Ring Road will have different widths at different locations, however average width will be approximately 360 feet. Four interchanges will be constructed up to Motorway in order to connect different areas of Rawalpindi. Hotels, Fuel Stations and different commercial centers will also be constructed along the Ring Road.

Following are the clippings of this news published in Daily Jang: 

Rawalpindi Ring Road News

Rawalpindi Ring Road News 2

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