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Where to Buy Low-Price Plots in Islamabad?

Buy Low-Price Plots in Islamabad

When a family is looking for a plot or home, sometimes they cannot find something within the budget. But there are always other options, such as acquiring land or residential plots in less expensive areas. You can buy low-price plots in Islamabad in various new housing societies.

Which Area is Best to Buy Cheap Plots?

Cheap Plots in Islamabad

Buying a piece of land or plot is one of the best investments you can make. Whether you build right away or, it will never lose its value. On the contrary, it will always have surplus value. In Islamabad, the great supply of residential plots has flooded the real estate market in recent years. The area surrounding Islamabad International Airport is the fastest growing area due to its residential attractions, road accessibility, and quality of infrastructure, and currently has multiple properties to buy at affordable prices.

Why do Buyers Prefer Low-Price Plots?

Buy Low-Price Plots in Islamabad

Everyone wants to build a house after buying a plot and with the rising cost of construction; buyers don’t want to invest more in the land. For reasons that if they would buy an expensive plot then there would be fewer savings left for the construction of the home. This is why people are searching to buy low price plots in Islamabad.

Low-Price Plots Increase in Value

Low-Price Plots Value Increases with Time

Plots are also bought for investment and are you buy a plot expensive then there are fewer chances that its price would increase to a great extent over time. However, if you buy low-price plots in Islamabad in the less developed area, it is definite that the price would increase over time when the housing society would be fully developed and the possession would be given to allotters.

Buy Low-Price Plots in the Outskirts

Buy Low-Price Plots in Outskirts of City

This is why a growing number of people are investing in new housing projects on the outskirts of the city because plots are cheap there and available in installments right now. People are also buying low price plots in the outskirts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as it is difficult to buy property in the center city. Prices in CDA sectors are higher and for the same price, you can buy more land in a new housing society.

Low-Price Plots in Installments

Buying plots becomes even cheaper when you can have them in installments. You just have to pay 20% or 30% down payment and you can own a plot. The value of a piece of land depends almost entirely on its location, access, mobility, services, and the use that will be given to it. That is what you should look for when choosing a piece plot.

We recommend these housing societies buy low-price plots:

Things to Consider Before Buying a Cheap Plot

You should consider these things before buying a cheap plot:

  • The area or housing society has a good connection to public transport.
  • All shops and facilities of daily life are nearby. This includes not only markets but also medical centers, schools, and bus stops.
  • The area has a supply of electricity, gas, internet, and water.
  • Homes have already been developed and people are taking an interest in going there.
  • Find information about the future development of the surrounding properties. For example, pay attention to the master plan of the housing society


The purchase price of a plot depends on numerous factors, but location and infrastructure are usually decisive. The more livable the site is and the better it is priced, and the deeper you have to dig into your pocket.

We can help you buy a plot within your budget and in the best locations in the city. Contact Manahil Estate for more details.

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