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Protect Yourself from Property Frauds (Let’s Tell You How)

property frauds

It doesn’t matter whether it’s an investment in plots, files, and commercial projects: the road to your home is long. If you’ve ever looked for a new property, then you probably know the stress and frustration. Prices that are too high and unfavorable deals are all things that make it difficult to find the best property.  

Many people who do not want to consult a real estate agency nowadays search first on their own via real estate portals or classified sites like OLX. But finding the right property among hundreds of advertisements is not that easy. At last, you have found what appears to be a wonderful property: a home in an ideal location, spacious, and at a good price. However, you never know what the drawbacks of that area are, what to inspect in the construction, and how to check the accuracy of documents. You should consult experts of Manahil Estate before any purchase, which is the best real estate agency in Islamabad.

Fake Real Estate Ads

fake ads and listings

As if looking for a property wasn’t difficult enough, scammers put even more hurdles in your way. They advertise with fake real estate ads and give such an offer that seems lower than market rates and very attractive. However, expert real estate agents can easily distinguish what is real and which ad is fake.

The housing markets in Pakistan have been extremely strained recently. Fraudsters use this to set a trap for desperate buyers. They use fake files and documents to sell the property. To avoid such scams, never pay in advance until you get the data checked from the office of the housing project. 

In areas like Islamabad and Rawalpindi where the housing shortage is particularly great, there are usually hundreds of people interested in a single property. Scammers like to take advantage of this situation and do property frauds by selling in areas that are high in demand.

How to Spot Real Estate Frauds

There are a few signs you can use to easily spot fake real estate offers.

Low prices

property frauds, low price scam

If the price of the property sounds too good to be true, there are chances of a scam. Sometimes, buyers fall for such deals where prices are far lower than the market price. Always check for such offers before buying.

Advance Payment

Advance Payment Fraud

If the seller asks you to transfer money before you’ve even signed the sales deed, alarm bells should be ringing.

Contradictions between Image and Ad Text

property frauds, contradictions

Another clue of fake real estate ads is the contradictions in the ad. For example, in a picture, if expensive designer furniture is shown in a suspiciously cheap home, you should be skeptical.

Pictures of Other Projects

Misleading Pictures

Often the impressive images in the ads are simply copied from the internet by scammers. You can easily check this by uploading the image to Google in reverse image search. This way you can see where else the pictures can be found on the internet.

Unfinished Projects

property frauds, unfinished projects

Most of the property frauds in Pakistan happen due to unfinished projects. This is the case mostly when buying an apartment or shopping in a newly launched project. The project owners show 3D video and other images but these are all computer generated. Never buy such property until you consult a real estate company or check the background of the developer. 

Manahil Estate is the best real estate agency in Islamabad, serving its huge clientele for years now. Consult with real estate experts before making any purchase to avoid property frauds. 

Copied Content

Copyright Violations

Some real estate scammers simply copy the texts from existing real estate advertisements from other sellers. If similar ads appear with different contact details, you should be careful and prefer not to respond to the ad.

What are the Precautions?

How to Avoid Property Frauds

Although the scammers’ underhanded tricks sound quite disturbing, that doesn’t mean you should stay away from property portals. The tricks of the fraudsters are usually similar and can therefore be easily exposed. Under no circumstances should you ever send an identity card, money, or any other document to an unknown person.

If you always browse the real estate listing websites with your eyes wide open and check the ads with a pinch of skepticism, you are well protected from property frauds and can find your dream property.

Take Advice from a Reliable Real Estate Agency

It is always better to take advice from an expert real estate agency serving in the area. Manahil Estate combines experience with the rapid development of one of the most exciting real estate zones. We know every neighborhood very well and have a keen sense of the latest trends and advice on the appropriate investment opportunities. In addition to selling plots, files, and residential and commercial units, we not only facilitate our customers with the best of our services but also make sure that they get the best deal.

We help our clients with the right valuation of a property, while they benefit from our comprehensive expertise. Find your perfect dream home with us. If you are interested to invest only, we can shed light on attractive investment offers with high returns.

Let the best real estate agency in Islamabad help you with their expertise. Call us now at 0345-5222253 | or email marketing@manahilestate.com

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