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Top Societies Near Islamabad Airport to Invest

Societies Near Islamabad Airport CoverImage


New Islamabad Airport has attracted real estate investors and developers alike. Multiple new housing projects came into the limelight and attracted a huge clientele. Many housing societies near Islamabad Airport were launched even before the inauguration of the Airport.

New Islamabad International airport has opened the doors for better infrastructure for these housing societies. New roads and related developments have made the investment in these projects profitable.

Investment opportunities near the new Islamabad International Airport are numerous. There are more than 30 housing projects in the vicinity. Let us have a look at some of the top societies near Islamabad Airport.

Here are the top housing projects near Islamabad International Airport To Invest:

Top City1

Launched in 2012, Top City 1 is at the top rank among societies near Islamabad Airport due to its strategic location and market demand. It has the reputation of being an affordable yet luxurious society with huge benefits.

The main attractions are the shopping areas that will have huge malls, arcades, and 5-star hotels. Also the facilities for residents such as golf-club, parks, gym, etc.

Distance from Airpot

Top City1 is right next to the Islamabad airport. It is the closest of all societies with a distance of 8 Km. If you talk about the return on investment, it is a highly profitable investment in the future after the development of a business hub.

Reasons to invest

Top City1 is located at the crossroads of motorway M1 and M2. This can be said to be the golden location in regards to investment. It is an economical and good housing society with all amenities and resources.

Blue World City

A joint venture of Chinese and Pakistani developers, Blue World City is the pearl among the housing societies near Islamabad Airport. This Pak -China Project is close to the Islamabad International Airport and with access from Motorway link roads.

Distance from Airport

As per the reputation of the developers, the infrastructure is solid and appreciable. Blue World City Islamabad is among the top investment destinations near Islamabad Airport. It is 37 km away from the airport.

Reasons to invest

RDA has issued a planning permission letter to society offering residential, commercial as well as farmhouses. It is a housing society with inexpensive offerings to live and invest in.

It has a long-term goal of inviting international residents. This prospect has attracted the attention of many investors.

Eighteen Islamabad

If you want to reside in a place with international standards then this one is for you. It is developed by Egyptian and Pakistani entrepreneurs and provides well-developed villas and apartments.

Distance from Airport

This prestigious masterpiece is located on The Srinagar Highway further connects to M2. Approved by CDA, Eighteen Islamabad promises a lavish lifestyle. It is located 23 km from the Islamabad International Airport.

Reasons to invest

The cost of investment here might be higher than other housing societies near Islamabad Airport. However, as they say, the higher the risk higher the returns. Many high-end investors are interested in this scheme.

People who aspire to elite living are attracted to this project. If you want to invest in the new posh areas near the airport then Eighteen Islamabad must be your top choice.

Fazaia Housing Scheme

Fazaia Housing Scheme Tarnol is yet another good destination for investment near Islamabad Airport. It is a project of the Pakistan Airforce. It is situated at a prime location of Islamabad-Peshawar Motorway at Fateh Jang interchange.

Distance from Airport

Islamabad International Airport is within reach of 21 km. The society has two entrances: one on Fateh Jang road and the other one at CPEC Route.

We considered this society keeping in mind the other Fazaia Housing Societies in the country. They also started as low-income societies but over time their worth has increased.

Reasons to Invest

It is situated at a prime location. Margalla Avenue and Rawalpindi Bypass are other developments around PAF Tarnol and safe and secure investment under the PAF. Prices are lower now but will rise in the future.

It has a plus of direct water supply from Shahpur Dam. Considering the water shortage problems in Islamabad this is one of the features of this society.

Pakistan Employees Cooperative Housing Society (PECHS) Islamabad

PECHS Islamabad is one of the pioneer societies around the Airport area. . PECHS is in limelight again due to the expansion of Islamabad in Zone II.

Distance from Airport

It is rather an old name yet less developed among the societies near Islamabad Airport. The society is almost 41 Km from the New Islamabad International Airport.

Why Invest Here?

It is a budget-friendly housing project and should be considered a long-term investment. Prices are low right now due to slow development. However, the rates are expected to increase and give a boost to the property of PECHS. If looking for a long-term investment then you must go for it.

Why Invest near Islamabad Airport?

We discussed the prospects of each of five the societies to invest near Islamabad Airport in detail. Let us see how investors can benefit from investing in societies near Islamabad Airport.

The best motivator is the strategic position this area holds. The motorway is nearby and CPEC has increased the business value of this area.

Rawalpindi Ring Road is another feature that has increased the value. You can buy land in this area at a low cost now or in installments and after a couple of years, it would be selling at higher rates.

How long this investment will give good returns?

If you plan short-term investments then returns can be minimal yet profitable within 3-4 years. However, if you have a vision and investment for the long term the chances of returns on investment would be fruitful. When all the infrastructure would develop in this area, it would give good returns on your investments.  

According to experts, this area will become a great residential for people as well as it holds value in terms of commercial investments. Contact Manahil Estate today to book your pots at the mentioned housing scheme near Islamabad Airport.

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