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Where to Buy Plot in Islamabad in One Million (10 Lacs) Rupees?

Realestate in One Million Budget

Real Estate is the primary investment option for an average Pakistani which promises better returns without physical efforts. As value of money depreciates over time due to inflation, and money kept in bank vaults doesn’t help in economic growth of a country, therefore, one should look for right investment options which protect value of money against inflation as well as render good return over time.

Why Should You Invest in Real Estate?

If you have been saving some money from your salary, you should consider investing some part of your savings in real estate as it can be your valuable asset in future. If you study the pricing trends of property in your neighborhood or your city over the last 20 years, you will be surprised to the know the huge difference and may regret a lost opportunity. 

Since majority of population in Pakistan is still living in rented houses due to absence of mortgage financing, there is huge demand for houses across the country, especially big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. Bank financing has started just recently after the Government is facilitating and encouraging banks to finance the housing sector and lots of people are opting for bank financing. Still, this process is not so easy and may not be able to meet the huge demand.

Increasing population in big cities has caused property prices to increase over time. Even if the demand is genuine, i.e. investors do not manipulate real estate market, actual growth is somewhere between 10% to 25% per annum, so real estate covers the devaluation of money plus gives additional return.

Coming back to the topic, as majority of our population can hardly save up to PKR 1 million, i.e. 10 lac rupees, so what could be the best real estate investment option within this given price range? You might be wondering how come any property can be purchased with this amount. In fact, if you do some research, you will find out many such options, especially new or semi-developed housing projects where you can buy a plot with one million budget.

Taking an example of Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpind, the society launched its residential plots within 1 million price range at easy installment plans about 16 years ago. Prices kept increasing over time, and today we know that minimum prices start from 5 million rupees up to more than 10 million rupees for same plots. You can take similar examples from any housing project that was selling below 1 million before 15 to 20 years, and today most of those plots are selling above 1 crore.

Those who are entering the real estate market to earn short term gain, i.e. earn few thousands or hundreds of thousands within few months, they have to be prepared for bearing short term losses as well because timing plays a very important role in short term investments. Real Estate is generally a long term investment option, which ultimately gives you good return if you have patience to hold your property for couple of years.

Key Factors to Consider

Even if the amount you are investing is low, the principles or key factors to consider will remain the same as listed below:

  • Project Location
  • Background
  • Legal Status
  • Development Features
  • Resale Market

Please note that most of the project within this price range could be new schemes which have just started, so you will need good homework to determine the best options.

Best Housing Schemes in One Million Budget

We are listing a few options within 10 lacs budget here which are located in Rawalpindi or suburbs of Islamabad, however you can find out more options in your city by making a good research yourself.

We will explain each of the above listed projects, so that you can get better understanding of why you can invest in these projects.


Islamabad Co-operative Housing Scheme is a registered housing project at the back of New Islamabad International Airport. It falls under Tehsil Fateh Jang, and it is already partially developed. 

The society lacks just one thing, i.e. proper access road which is planned through upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road. Once the access issue is resolved, property prices in ICHS Town can go up two or three times.

If you have one million rupees, you can buy up to 10 marla plot in this housing scheme. So, this is one of the best investment options today in one million budget

DHA Valley

DHA Valley is one of the cheapest housing projects by Defence Housing Authority. It is located in Zone 5 of Islamabad near Rawat Kallar Syedan Road. It is an old project, and it is partially developed. This is another project where you can invest within your budget and wait till some major developments to earn good return.

You can buy 5 marla or 8 marla plots in your budget in DHA Valley, but you have to do some homework as to which block to buy and what should be the file status, otherwise you may get stuck, so a good consultancy is required here.

Generally, you should consider buying in those blocks which exist on ground and where DHA has partially developed the sector. Secondly, if your budget allows you to buy reballoted file, you should consider that one only. If you cannot afford a reballoted file, you should only buy a file with zero surcharge history.

Rudn Enclave

Rudn Enclave is a private housing project on main Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. The project is being planned by Asia’s top consultant NESPAK, and it has very high potential of growth in future due to upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Since Rudn Enclave offers plots on easy installment plans, you can consider buying any size of residential plot with down payment if you plan to keep your investment for short term. Otherwise, you can consider buying 5 marla plot with one million budget to keep for long term.

PIA Officers Co-operative Housing Scheme

PIAOCHS is a registered co-operative housing scheme on main Adyala Road. It lies close to upcoming Rawalpindi Ring Road, so it is also a good low cost investment option.

Latest prices in PIAOCHS are above one million budget, however you can either buy old 5 marla plots on cash payment within one million budget or consider new booking at higher prices on easy installments plan. 

CBR Town Phase 2

CBR Town is an established housing scheme which has delivered its phase 1 near PWD and developing its phase 2 near Thalian Interchange Rawalpindi. CBR Town Phase 2 is one of the cheapest options available in Rawalpindi today where you can buy a 5 marla residential plot within one million budget.

Once access road through Thalian Interchange is developed and society gets easy access through Motorway as well as GT Road, it will be an ideal place for living within close vicinity of Islamabad.

Blue World City

Blue World City is yet another option on main Chakri Road where you can invest for long term. The society has some legal issues going on with RDA, however development work is going on very fast, and development standards are very high.

It is recommended to avoid buying files. Try to buy balloted 5 marla plot in General Block or get all dues cleared 7 marla in Overseas Block which is going to be balloted soon. As the society will only allot plot numbers to those files where installments are more than 50% cleared, you have to opt for ballot option if you want to invest in Blue World City.

Files may not retain their value due to overselling issue in the society, so you may end up losing some of your money.

Final Word

Here we end our discussion on the best real estate investment options in one million budget. You can check details of all of the above-listed housing projects on our website as well as other sources on Google. Try to visit the housing projects which you choose for investment, and get every minute detail from different consultants as well as society owners/sponsors. 

If you can recommend any other valid investment option which falls within one million budget, feel free to leave us a comment below so that we can add it to our list. Should you require more information, feel free to email us at marketing@manahilestate.com or call/whatsapp 03455222253 for assistance.

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