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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi Development & Prices Overview December 2020

Rudn Enclave Development Progress

After the Rawalpindi Ring Road project has been finalized and awaiting official inauguration in December 2020, Rudn Enclave is getting direct impact on its overall market situation as well as prices. Since there are lots of developments happening in this area, it is quite pertinent to share latest information from time to time so that you can keep abreast of the ongoing developments and plan your investments accordingly.

This article will also answer a number of commonly asked questions about the current legal status and development plans of Rudn Enclave as well as Rawalpindi Ring Road, so you will get a lot of firsthand information today on this page.

Despite ongoing political and pandemic crises, real estate market has been quite active in the second half of year 2020 and investments are pouring in from local investors as well as overseas Pakistanis. There are multiple investment venues right now in the twin cities which are attracting major chunk of investment and RUDN Enclave is one of such hot investment options which performed really well in the days of Pandemic and still continues to grow due to its intrinsic features.

Since the finalization of Rawalpindi Ring Road alignment in June 2020, the society literally stopped its development work at General Block. Slight changes have been made in the master plan to accommodate alignment of Ring Road through the society, and NESPAK claims to have finalized those changes in the master plan of Rudn Enclave. The revised map, however, has not been made public till date. The society will resume development work at General Block after the physical demarcation of Ring Road at project site by concerned government authorities, so it can take another couple of months to see development at General Block.

After the launch of Executive Block in August 2020, the society deployed some vehicles on the project site and started earthwork. A site office has also been set up at the project site where visitors can get project briefing and assistance on site visit. The earth work still continues at a normal pace, and about 2 dozen machines are currently deployed at various parts of Executive Block to perform the earthwork, i.e. cutting, filling and leveling of land for roads and infrastructure.

The society has successfully acquired about 20,000 kanals of land which has been transferred in the name of the company and letter has been issued by Revenue Department. About 14000 kanals of the acquired land has been surveyed by NESPAK where master planning has been partially done. Rudn Enclave has managed to acquire land up to Chakri Road, so it is going to have its new entrance from Chakari Road in the future, and that area will be right in front of Capital Smart City.

Topographic survey of newly acquired land starting from Jawa Dam up to Chakri road is currently in progress, and soon the society will disclose its plan for a new block that will be accessible from Chakri Road.

Following is the video showing status of current development in Rudn Enclave Executive Block:

As regards the re-construction and widening of Adyala Road, almost 95% of the road up to Rudn Enclave has been built, and you can easily access the society from Bahria Town or GT Road through this newly built road. 

There are four major questions which are frequently asked by investors/potential buyers regarding Rudn Enclave:

  • What is the legal status of Rudn Enclave?
  • Who is the developer of Rudn Enclave?
  • How much time will it take to deliver?
  • What is the benefit of investment in Rudn Enclave?

We will address these questions in our blog today, so that you can get to know the firsthand information on the ongoing and upcoming developments.

What is the legal status of Rudn Enclave?

Rudn Enclave submitted its application for NOC at RDA in July 2020, however it is still pending approval after about 5 months. The society has, however, received planning permission from TMA Potohar, and WASA, and land document has been issued by Revenue Department already.

As per the rules announced by the Federal Government, housing authorities had to issue NOC’s of housing schemes within 90 days of submission unless there is valid reason to delay. RDA has failed to follow the policy so far, instead, some of its officials have been arrested by NAB on charges of corruption. So, all applications are currently under review by the new management and soon we will see positive outcomes.

According to the society management, RDA is considering their application as it is following guidelines chalked out by the authority and not confronting them as done by Blue World City. It is a matter of few weeks or months to get final approval from RDA, and NESPAK is helping them in this process.

While other things are in the pipeline, NESPAK has surveyed and verified the land which they are planning on, so we can rest assured that the society has legal ownership of the land which they are selling. Therefore, risk level is minimal in this investment.

Who is the developer of Rudn Enclave?

RMRSCO Private Limited is the Owner and Developer of Rudn Enclave. Since its own profile is no that big, the society has also engaged a third-party developer whose name is still not disclosed. NESPAK has also helped them in this process, and the society claims to have finalized all terms with the developer.

Until the NOC is issued by RDA, RMRSCO will be engaged in earthwork at Executive and General Blocks. This new developer will initiate full fledged development work right after the society is legally allowed by Rawalpindi Development Authority.

How much time will it take to deliver?

Rudn Enclave is comparatively a new housing scheme, and it has started off with the development work just recently, i.e. about 3 months back. As per the projected timelines given out by the society, Executive Block will be delivered by end 2023, whereas General Block will be delivered by late 2024. 

Among all General Blocks, A Block is scheduled to be delivered in next 3 years. That is why they offered bookings with 40% down payment and 3 years installment plan.

As mentioned earlier, the society has just started. The initial blocks will be ready for possessions in next 3 to 4 years, while some new blocks are also in the planning stage that will follow over the next couple of years.

What is the benefit of investment in Rudn Enclave?

Rudn Enclave is one of those housing projects which get highlighted due to external factors, i.e. Rawalpindi Ring Road. Since it is the only housing project which lies at the route of Rawalpindi Ring Road, it has to get maximum advantage of its location in the years to come. 

Following are few reasons to invest in Rudn Enclave:

  • Beautiful location between two dams
  • Land ownership is verified
  • NESPAK is the planner
  • Prices are comparatively lower
  • Flexible installments plan
  • Registry available on full payment
  • No overselling of files
  • Location right at Rawalpindi Ring Road Adyala Interchange

Once physical development work starts on Rawalpindi Ring Road, you may see immediate rise of up to 20% in overall prices of land along the route. If you keep your investment for short term, you can expect up to 30%+ return on this investment due to external factors. If NOC is also issued as expected within few weeks or months, you may expect another increase of about 20% in the market prices of Rudn Enclave.

If you hold this investment till completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road and development of few blocks in Rudn Enclave, i.e. up to next 4 to 5 years, your return could be up to 200% as compared with current prices. 

Since more than 50,000 traffic will use this road per day, commercial areas will grow more expensive due to high demand. Not only external traffic will use this route, but also the local residents will be using this route to access motorway and airport. Additionally, Government’s own commercial zones will be established along this very route, so commercial activities will thrive in this area and people will prefer living in these housing schemes where they can live and do business.

The estimated timelines of developments are based on the official statements by the Government Authorities, therefore you can add some margin for operational delays in completion of the project. Nonetheless, the project plan has been finalized and the Government is in final stages of land procurement and tendering.

Price Updates

Rudn Enclave increased overall prices of general block by 20% in August 2020, and another 20% increase is coming in the next few weeks. Commercial plots and farm house prices have been increased three times this years due to scant availability of options and higher demand.

Similarly, Executive Block prices have been revised once by 10% in December 2020, and another 10% increase is coming in next few weeks. Commercial prices have been revised by 20% and there are very few commercials left.

Following are the latest prices of residential and commercial plots in Rudn Enclave General Block:

Rudn Enclave General Block Prices

Following are the latest prices of residential and commercial plots in Rudn Enclave Executive Block:

Rudn Enclave Executive Block Prices This is the high time to invest some money in Rudn Enclave as prices are prone to rise in a matter of months. If you have good budget, you should considering buying some commercial plots, Farm House or 1 Kanal Residential Plots in General or Executive Blocks. If you have lower budget, you can consider buying 5 marla residential plots in General Block as it has good resale and it will you better return in short term.

Should you require more information on Rudn Enclave or you have some questions that need answers, feel free to call or whatsapp at 03455222253 for assistance.

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