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Moreno Enclave Islamabad

Moreno Enclave

Moreno Enclave is an upcoming housing society emerging on the map of the Federal Capital, Islamabad. The need for affordable housing is also increasing with the rising population. Therefore, the real estate markets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi are flourishing with new housing projects. As of now, hundreds of housing schemes are already launched in the twin cities but only a few are offering luxurious life at affordable prices. Moreno Enclave Islamabad is one such housing scheme that provides a fulfilling life at pocket-friendly prices.

This page will give you abundant information about this emerging project including Moreno Enclave Location, Prices, Payment Plan, Features and much more.


Introduction to Moreno Enclave Islamabad

Moreno Enclave is a rising housing society in the premises of Islamabad that offers high-end residential and commercial plots with an affordable payment plan. If you are looking for the best investment and living options, you need to explore this project. It is a luxury residential project launched by one of the leading real estate developers of Pakistan named Moreno Holdings Private Ltd (MHPL). They are a new company that aims to introduce world-class living in Pakistan.

Moreno Enclave is a state-of-the-art project spanning over a highly demanded location in Islamabad close to M-2 Motorway and Sector B-17 Multi Gardens. This project is full of different residential and commercial plot cuttings that are equipped with all basic and modern amenities. Furthermore, MHPL is developing this project according to the international standards of development.

This is a one-of-a-kind real estate project in the real estate landscape of Pakistan. It is an economic housing society that specifically targets the low and middle-income classes of society. Moreno Enclave provides value through the provision of fully equipped plots and promises good returns on investments.

Introductory Video

Here is an introductory video of Moreno Enclave Islamabad

Moreno Enclave Location

The location of a housing project is a matter of interest for investors and home builders. Before investing in any real estate project people are concerned about the location, as it decides the future value and returns on investments. If we talk about the location of Moreno Enclave, it is present at a remarkable location that lies in the heart of Islamabad.

Following is the location map of Moreno Enclave Islamabad:

Moreno Enclave Location

Moreno Enclave is located just opposite the B-17 Multi Gardens or Sector B-17 Islamabad. It is present adjacent to the Block F and G of B-17 Multi Gardens and features easy accessibility from Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Furthermore, it lies close to M-1 Motorway and can be easily accessed from M-1 Islamabad Motorway Interchange. Moreno Enclave is located close to all the facilities including airports, shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and more recreational facilities.

Total Land Area

This remarkable housing society has a total land area of 8,000 Kanal that will be divided into a different blocks. Blocks of Moreno Enclave Islamabad will be further divided into residential and commercial sectors.

Moreno Enclave Accessibility

Detailed Location Map

Moreno Enclave is easily accessible from different places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi as follows:

  • Located close to Sector B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad
  • Adjacent to F and G Block of Sector B-17
  • Only 5 minute’s drive from M-1 Motorway Islamabad Interchange
  • Only 22 minutes drive from the main Islamabad City
  • Only 30 minutes drive from the main Rawalpindi City
  • Only 10 minute drive from Islamabad International Airport
  • Only 15 minutes drive from the main G.T Road
  • Only 10 minute drive from Wapda Town

Nearby Housing Societies

Moreno Enclave Nearby Places

Moreno Enclave Developers and Owners

Moreno Enclave is a fantastic residential project by Moreno Holding Private Ltd; they are the owners and developers of this society. Malik Nusrat Mehood is the Chairman and Chief Executive officer of Moreno Enclave as well as Moreno Holdings. He has served the government sectors in the past and provided services are the Revenue Officer of the Punjab Government.  He is also a businessman and possesses a vast experience of 25 years in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

After developing and consulting for numerous projects across Rawalpindi and Islamabad, the firm has decided to launch its housing society the name Moreno Enclave in Islamabad. The main goal of the developers is to introduce affordable yet luxurious, innovative, and smart housing in this emerging housing society.

About Moreno Holding

Moreno Holding Private Ltd has been around in the real estate market of Pakistan for more than 2 decades. The firm specializes in developing different property projects and housing societies, furthermore, the company aims to deliver top-notch housing projects with unmatched facilities while considering affordability and facilitation of the general public.

After, delivering numerous projects with multiple partners, Moreno Holding has decided to jump into the real estate market and introduce its housing society. As of now, the firm is working on the development of multiple projects and aims to deliver them in the upcoming 2 to 3 years. Moreno Enclave will create hundreds of investments and living opportunities for locals as well as overseas Pakistanis.

Other Projects of Moreno Holdings (MHPL)

In addition to Moreno Enclave Islamabad, the developers are also working on some other projects. Moreno Holdings has also launched 2 other mega projects in the most prime locations of the federal capital. All of the recent projects by this developer will offer fully-equipped residential and commercial plot cuttings with international standard infrastructure, top-class amenities, and value.

Following are the other project by Moreno Holding Private Ltd:

Moreno City

Moreno City is a housing society by Moreno Holding Private Ltd on the premises of Islamabad International Airport. It is developing near the CPEC route; therefore, the developers are aimed to make it an economic center for the smooth flow of cargo and reliable residences.

Moreno Sports City

This is the third real estate project by the same developers; it will be developed close to Moreno City. As the name suggests, this society is inspired by the sports-influenced lifestyle similar to Blue World City Sports Valley and Marina Sports City. Moreno Sports City will house a comprehensive sports center to host different sports events

Moreno Enclave Current Development Status

The project currently lies in the pre-launch stages; therefore the development has not started officially. However, preliminary development such as groundwork is currently being done at the site of the society.

The management of Moreno Enclave Islamabad has brought together a team of highly professional town planners, constructors, laborers, expert engineers, and manpower companies to develop this futuristic housing project. As of now, heavy machinery and construction material have already been transported to the site of the society.

According to the officials of Moreno Enclave, the development will start at full pace after the project is launched officially. The launch is expected at the end of January 2023, and development will also start officially. Furthermore, the initial residential phase of the society will be developed first and delivered in 2 years. The development will move to other phases and commercial plots of Moreno Enclave Islamabad.

We will keep updating this page with the latest developments in society, so, make sure, that you keep visiting our website from time to time.

Moreno Enclave Site Video

Following is the site video of Moreno Enclave for better understanding:

Moreno Enclave NOC and Approval Status

Investors and end-users prefer housing societies that are duly approved by the administrative authorities. Not only has this but, a duly approved No Objection Certificate (NOC) improved the value of any housing venture. Furthermore, the development can be carried out without any pauses after acquiring the NOC, it also depicts that the society is free from any legal issues. If we talk about the Moreno Enclave, it has already received the diary number from the respective authority, in this case, Capital Development Authority (CDA) and Punjab Housing and Town Planning Agency (PHATA).

Furthermore, the owners and developers have already completed the documentation and submitted it to PHATA and CDA. Moreover, it is also expected that PHATA will approve it in February 2023. The management will announce this piece of good news soon, but it is important to note that the prices will be revised after NOC is approved.

Moreno Enclave Master Plan

As we’ve told you earlier, the management of Moreno Enclave is fully committed to developing this project per the highest standards of living. For this purpose, they have made a team of highly qualified and professional individuals that are currently working to devise a master plan for society. This team consists of expert town planners, civil engineers, architects, and development consultants.

Meinhardt Singapore is the town planner of this society and they need no introduction. Meinhardt Group is already working on different residential projects in Pakistan as well as other countries in the world.

Meinhardt Group has partnered with the following housing societies in the Past:

They are world-renowned town planners for modern-advanced urbanization and industrialization. As Moreno Enclave is a new housing society and it is still present in the early stages of the journey, therefore, the developers have not disclosed the official master plan for the society. However, the good news is that the official master plan map of Moreno Enclave Islamabad will be officially released in February 2023. The society spans over 8,000 Kanal of land in total that will be divided into different blocks or sectors. As of now, society offers different sizes of plots with smart facilities.

Plot Sizes in Moreno Enclave Islamabad

Currently, the society is only offering plots in the residential category, but they will also launch commercial plots in the future.  The management of Moreno Enclave has launched residential plots in multiple sizes and shared the most economical payment plan. Moreover, the residential plots offer exceptional facilities and amenities.

Residential Plots

The following residential plots are available for booking in Moreno Enclave:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Moreno Enclave Prices and Payment Plan

The plots in Moreno Enclave are available for booking at very reasonable prices.  Following are the prices of plots in the society:

5 Marla Plots for Sale in Moreno Enclave Islamabad

  • The total price of 5 Marla plots in Moreno Enclave is PKR 3,500,000; however, they can be booked by paying a down payment of PKR 700,000. The remaining amount can be cleared in 14 quarterly installments, where each installment is PKR 180,000. Possession charges of PKR 280,000 are payable when demanded by the management.

10 Marla Plots for Sale in Moreno Enclave Islamabad

  • You can book 10 Marla plots for sale in Moreno Enclave Islamabad by paying PKR 1,200,000 whereas the total cost of land is PKR 6,000,000. Furthermore, there are 14 quarterly installments of PKR 310,000 and possession charges of PKR 460,000. Possession charges will be payable as per the demand of society.

1 Kanal Plots for Sale in Moreno Enclave Islamabad

  • Similarly, the total cost of land of 1 Kanal plot of Moreno Enclave is PKR 11,000,000 and they can be purchased by booking amount of 2,200,000. Moreover, you can clear the remaining installment in 14 quarterly installments of PKR 570,000. Furthermore, you need to pay PKR 820,000 as possession charges.

Moreno Enclave Payment Plan

Following is the official pre-launch payment plan of Moreno Enclave Islamabad:

Moreno Enclave Payment Plan

Booking Details

The booking procedure is rather simple and customer can easily book their plots in Moreno Enclave Islamabad. You can contact Manahil Estate to book your plots in this society, we will give you authentic and reliable information about this project and present the most suitable investments as per your requirement.

You can easily get in touch via different mediums, you can give us a call on phone/WhatsApp at +92-345-5222253, and you can also send us an email at marketing@manahilestate.com. Furthermore, you can also fill out our online inquiry form with your query and submit it.

Moreno Enclave Features and Amenities

Moreno Enclave features some of the most desired amenities and facilities that make a project perfect for living and investing. This is a unique residential project in Islamabad that offers a bunch of different lavish amenities in addition to basic facilities. A set of unique and never before seen features set it apart from other housing projects in this neighborhood.

Salient features of Moreno Enclave

The following are the salient features of this housing venture:

  • 24/7 supply of water, gas, and electricity
  • Perfect Location that is easily accessible from places
  • A secure and gated living community
  • Affordable residences
  • Moreno Enclave is an Ecological Paradise
  • Internationally recognized Town Planners and Architects
  • AI-based Security Surveillance
  • Sports Facility
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Underground Electrification
  • Automated water management system
  • Load shedding free zone
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Reputable developers

Moreno Enclave Amenities

The following amenities are offered by the developers in Moreno Enclave Islamabad:

All Basic Facilities

Basic facilities including water, gas, and electricity are crucial for maintaining living in any community. Moreno Enclave Islamabad will offer all of these amenities non-stop, and residents will have 24/7 access to water, gas, and electricity. Furthermore, the developers will ensure the underground provision of these facilities to improve the appeal of society.

Parks and Playgrounds

Multiple lush green parks and open landscape is planned by the developers to make society environment-friendly. Moreover, these parks and landscapes will provide an escape from the daily routine, residents will enjoy quality time here. Furthermore, playgrounds will be developed in the residential areas to ensure outdoor activities for children.


Mosques are an integral part of any Muslim community; it is a place of unity, peace, and spirituality. Grand mosques are planned by developers in different areas of society. All of the mosques will be equipped with air conditioning, standby generators, large praying areas, and a security system. Residents will be able to offer prayers without worry.

Restaurants Hotels

Moreno Enclave will be home to different restaurants and hotels that will offer temporary residences and foods of different cuisines. International standard restaurants will satisfy the cravings of residents. Families as well as individuals will be able to spend quality time here with different fine dining options.

Wide and Carpeted Roads

A vast road network is also planned by the developers that will provide easy and hassle-free access to all the parts of the housing society. The management is paying special attention to the development of a comprehensive road network in Moreno Enclave. The Main Boulevard and roads will be wide and carpeted to provide convenience to the residents of society.

Smart Parking Infrastructure

MHPL is working with different partners to introduce smart parking for their first flagship project, Moreno Enclave. Smart Parking feature will allow the residents to park their vehicles conveniently and safely.

Smart Parking Infrastructure will offer the following facilities to the residents:

  • Smart parking maps
  • Smart detectors for vehicles
  • Smart signage
  • Parking sensors for accuracy

Dedicated Commercial Areas

Any housing community is incomplete without commercial areas where the residents can find their daily life needs. Special commercial areas are specified by the management for commercial activities and business operations. All of the commercials will include markets, supply shops, shopping malls, and retail areas. The commercial zone of Moreno Enclave will be home to different national and international brands as well as shopping centers.

Security and Safety

The developers have high concerns for the safety and security of the residents; therefore, they are planning to make the community as safe as possible for the prospective residents. The society will have guarded entrances and exits. Furthermore, 24/7 CCTV surveillance of all the main roads and boulevards will be ensured by the developers.

Booking Procedure for Moreno Enclave Islamabad

The booking procedure is simple and similar to other housing societies like Rudn Enclave, Park View City, Blue World City, and Capital Orchards. However, you should be well aware of the procedure and have all the required documents.

Documents required for booking

Make sure you have custody of the following documents at the time of booking in Moreno Enclave:

  • Photocopies of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Photocopies of the applicant’s next kin
  • 2 passport-sized photographs of the applicant

Booking Process

Follow the following steps to book your plots in Moreno Enclave Islamabad:

  • Acquire the booking form from trusted sources such as Manahil Estate.
  • Fill out the booking form with the authentic details and double-check for confirmation
  • Attach the copies of the applicant and next kin with the booking form
  • Submit the down payment of respective plots in the official bank account of Moreno Holdings Private Ltd; it is advised that you get the correct account details from the management.
  • Attach the required documentation and submit them to the head office of the society
  • Make sure you collect the receipt as this is the proof of your purchase.

Why you should invest in Moreno Enclave?

Moreno Enclave Islamabad is full of different reasons for investments and living. It acts as a golden investment opportunity for investors who want to make beneficial future investments. Furthermore, is it also a perfect residence option for people who are looking for a luxury and affordable place to live?

Let’s discuss some of the most prominent features of Moreno Enclave that make it a perfect option for investments and living:

Ideal Location

One of the most noticeable features of Moreno Enclave is its location in the heart of Islamabad. The prime location of this project makes it very easy to access as well as makes the daily commute to far-off locations very easy. It is present at a well-demanded location close to M-1 Islamabad Motorway Interchange, opposite the widely famous B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad. Furthermore, the location of Moreno Enclave also grabs the majestic view from the Margalla Mountain Range.

Affordable Payment Plan

Moreno Enclave offers the most premium luxury in the premises of the federal capital. Not only this but the society offers different residential options that are highly affordable and within reach of middle and low-income people. Affordability is the most appealing feature of Moreno Enclave Islamabad; the payment plan is facilitative and offers an easy installment plan.

Exceptional Amenities

The society offers very unique and world-class features that make it an ideal choice for investment as well as a living. Moreno Enclave aims to provide an unmatched lifestyle to prospective residents that are full of the facilities one can ask for. The wide range of amenities includes 24/7 water, gas, and electricity. Furthermore, the project also offers other amenities like a sports complex, commercial areas, shopping malls, entertainment facilities, security, and a dedicated waste disposal system.

Professional Developers

Although, this is the first residential project by Moreno Holdings (MHPL), however, this does not mean they do not have the necessary expertise. The developers come with more than 2 decades of experience in developing different real estate projects across Pakistan. Moreover, they have also onboarded Meinhardt Group from Singapore, which is a world-renowned town planner. Therefore, society will be a masterpiece once delivered and offer all the promised amenities and features.

Excellent Returns on Investments

Moreno Enclave is a rising investment opportunity for local as well as overseas Pakistanis and it has the potential to provide high returns for your investments. There are plenty of reasons for this including a centric location, easy accessibility, credibility, marvelous features, and unmatched living experience.

Pros and Cons of Moreno Enclave

Like any other housing project, Moreno Enclave also has some advantages and disadvantages. However, the advantages are much more than the drawbacks of this project. Here we are discussing the pros and cons of Moreno Enclave Islamabad.

Following are the pros and cons of Moreno Enclave Housing Society Islamabad:


  • All basic utilities including water, gas, and electricity
  • Affordable Housing Options
  • Secure and Gated Community
  • Mosques
  • Commercial Area
  • High-quality infrastructure
  • Sports Facility
  • Dedicated waste disposal system
  • Underground electrification
  • Photovoltaic system
  • Al-based security system
  • Reputable developers
  • Prime location
  • Easy accessibility
  • Wide and carpeted roads network
  • Smart parking feature
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Parks and open landscape


  • Perception of far-off location
  • Perception of high prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) related to Moreno Enclave Islamabad

What is Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

Moreno Enclave is an uprising housing society in the heart of Islamabad that is full of different residential options and magnificent luxury amenities. It is currently in the pre-launch stages and plots are offered at prelaunch prices.

Q- Where is it located?

Moreno Enclave is present in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods of Islamabad. It is ideally located opposite F and G Block of B-17 Multi Gardens Islamabad and close to M-1 Motorway. Moreover, it is present just a few minutes from M-1 Islamabad Motorway Interchange.

Q- What is the NOC status of Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

Moreno Enclave has already acquired the diary number from PHATA, and it is likely to get approval from PHATA as well. Furthermore, the developers have already applied for the final NOC in Capital Development Authority (CDA), and it is likely to be approved soon.

q- Who are the developers and owners of Moreno Enclave?

Moreno Enclave is a flagship project of Moreno Holding Private Ltd; a famous and highly-professional real estate developer in Pakistan. It is owned by Malik Nusrat Mehmood, Ex- Revenue Officer of the Punjab Government.

q- Who is the town planner of Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

Meinhardt Group of Singapore is the town planner of this marvelous residential project. They are world famous entity and have worked on different real estate projects in Pakistan as well.

Q- What is the total land area of this project?

Moreno Enclave Islamabad has a total land area of 8,000 Kanals.

Q- Is Moreno Enclave CDA-approved?

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Moreno Enclave Islamabad is under process by the Capital Development Authority Islamabad. However, they will be soon approved by PHATA.

Q- What sizes of residential plots are offered in Moreno Enclave Islamabad?

Following are the residential plots offered by Moreno Enclave Islamabad:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Q- Is Moreno Enclave a good investment?

Yes, Moreno Enclave is a golden opportunity for investors who are searching for an affordable yet luxury project for future-oriented investments. It has the potential of giving back huge returns on investments after development.

Q- What is the development status of Moreno Enclave?

The development has not yet started officially in society; however, the development will start after the project is launched by Moreno Holdings Private Ltd.

Q- When will the developers launch Moreno Enclave?

According to the officials of Moreno Enclave Islamabad, The society will be officially launched in February 2023.


Moreno Enclave is a stunning real estate project that is launched by Moreno Holding Private Ltd. This marvelous residential housing society is a flagship project of the developer which spans over 8000 Kanals of lush green land along Motoway M-1. It is meticulously planned and designed to offer affordable housing options that are full of exceptional amenities. It will be a unique new addition to the landscape of the federal capital Islamabad. The society is not officially launched by the management yet but currently plots are available at pre-launch prices.

This economical project is offering 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots with a convenient installment plan. It is conveniently sprawled right next to M-1 Motorway Interchange and adjacent to the famous B-17 Multi Gardens Housing Society. The development will start soon in society and the developers are committed to delivering it within 2 to 4 years. It is a golden investment opportunity in Islamabad, that offers excellent returns on investments.

Need more information? Want to book a plot at Moreno Enclave Islamabad? Manahil Estate is here to answer all your questions and help you book your plot in this magnificent housing project. Get in touch with us via phone/WhatsApp at +92-345-5222253, email us at marketing@manahilestate.com or send us your question through our online inquiry form.

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