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10 Basic Steps to Building Your Own Home

10 Basic Steps to Building Your Own Home

Without any doubt, building a home is a dream for everyone, regardless of the class you belong to, and we want the absolute best. Moreover, every one of us wants to construct a dream home without spending more than what we can afford.

Well, we at Manahil Estate understand it perfectly, and that is why we brought this article to guide you with the 10 basic steps to building your own home. We are sure that these tips will help you in constructing your dream house without burdening your pocket.

Without any further ado, let us get started with 10 basic steps to building your own home.

Wisely Choose the Location

Do you want to build your home? First, of all, take the time to select the ideal location for your future living space. Moreover, the choice of location must take into account several essential criteria as follows:

  • The travel time to the workplace
  • The proximity to the transport
  • The attractiveness of the area
  • Nearness to schools if you have children
  • The peacefulness and lifestyle
  • The environment of the area

In addition, take into account your future needs and your desires for the years to come to define a location that meets your criteria. It is a fact that, you will stay several years in your future house, so try not to make a mistake on the area where you will have it built.

Furthermore, Do not hesitate to extend your search and to go several times on the spot to check where you are planning to construct. Additionally, it is essential to learn about a housing project well before choosing to live there because you have to be sure that you feel good there. Don’t rush, take your time, familiarize yourself with the different sector options and make a decision wisely.

There are several new housing projects in Islamabad where you can buy a plot and build a house right away. Following are some of the best projects:

Moreover, at Manahil Estate, we can help you find the right plot at reasonable rates to build the house of your dreams.

Choose the Plot Size

Now, when you have chosen an area you like, you need to find the most suitable land! After several visits, you have spotted a place that seems perfect. However, how can you be sure that the plot size can accommodate your future home?

The size of the plot you are going to buy to build a house depends on a few things:

  • What is your budget?
  • Rate of the plots in the area
  • Size of your family
  • Check if the plot is available in installments?

Arrange Finances to Purchase Land

Now, when you have found the land on which to build your house. You must do what is necessary to arrange funds. However, you can also apply for a bank loan if you do not pay for the purchase of the land and the construction of the house. Obtaining funds is a prerequisite to constructing a house.

If you are using individual sources to purchase the plot, then arrange it beforehand. Sometimes, good residential plots remain available in the market for a few days, or their price increases. This is why you must organize your funds timely.

Plan Before Execution

Having a house built is indeed a large project. Firstly, what materials to choose for your home, brick or blocks, single floor or a multi-floor home? Also, you have to succeed in curbing your wishes due to technical and budgetary constraints. You have to decide on these few things at the very start.

Map Approval

Let’s say you have purchased your favorite plot. Still, you have to perform several administrative steps, including obtaining the approval of the house map from the concerned authorities. Find the contractor to build your house

Several solutions are available like:

  • Hiring a contractor to construct the grey structure.
  • You can hand out the complete development.

To start with, make a background check of the contractor as it is the single most critical thing that would determine the quality of construction. An experienced contractor usually has a large team for every task.

However, some new contractors might offer a lower rate, but you might end up paying more for construction material. Interview a few contractors and make the right choice.  Also, make sure the society is also approved by the concerned authorities like CDA or RDA.

Make a Construction Plan

The plan is a basis for a reference that accompanies you throughout the construction of your home. Now, you have to decide on a few things, that how the first structure would complete, what would be next to start, kitchen and toilets accessories, tiles and flooring. Moreover, you must decide the construction plan and materials when starting.

Monitoring Construction

In case, you have called on a professional architect or a contractor to have your house built. It is convenient to carry out site monitoring to keep an informed eye on the progress of the work. The goal is to ensure that the house you see emerging from the ground meets your wishes and needs.

Interior and Exterior Finishing

This is indeed, the most critical part of building a house. You have to decide between internal doors, main door, tiles, windows, lights, gate, and paint. Good finishing of the house is necessary as it determines the market value of your home.

Take Society Approval

Once the house is complete, take its completion approval from the society. In case, you have to sell the house in the future, all its legal documents must be clear.

Closing Remarks

So, these were the 10 basic steps to building your own home. Although there are many more tips for building your home, these were the very basic ones. Furthermore, contact Manahil Estate today to get your favorite neighborhood in the twin cities.

We are more than happy to help you!

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