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Apartments for sale in Islamabad: Why Invest In A High-Rise?


The real estate market of Islamabad offers a wide variety of options for property investors. There is a recent surge in high-rise projects and the demand for luxury apartments is increasing. This is the reason there are multiple high-rise projects and Apartments for sale in Islamabad.

Whether it is buying for another home or an investment purpose, there are huge options related to size, finish, and styles of flats for sale in Islamabad. However, making the best decision may not be simple.

For this reason, we bring you the fundamental information related to the buying of luxury apartments in Islamabad, and tips to guide you through the buying process.

Features of a Luxury Apartment

Although most people think that, the price is enough to differentiate a luxury apartment from those considered to be of an average flat, there are fundamental features that should be considered.

The high-end apartments are often distinguished by their spacious environment, location, and construction features. You can choose from different types of apartments for sale in Islamabad.

Following are the types of apartments you can opt for:

  • Studio apartment for sale in Islamabad
  • One bed apartment for sale in Islamabad
  • Two-bedroom apartment for sale in Islamabad
  • Three-bed apartment for sale in Islamabad
  • Four-bed apartment for sale in Islamabad
  • Duplex apartment for sale in Islamabad
  • Penthouses for Sale in Islamabad

The location counts a lot for a high-end luxury apartment, as it should offer easy access to the main shopping centers, good views of familiar landscapes, and tranquility for residents.

Another feature that also differentiates a high-end apartment from an ordinary flat is amenities. Amenities and features such as a reception area, valet parking, 24-hour security, and most of all location. Apartments in Bahria Town, DHA, Gulberg, and facing Margala hills are in high demand in Islamabad.

Benefits of Buying a Luxury Apartment

Purchasing a luxury apartment has several benefits. For most people, this purchase represents an investment, as these buildings take the best finishes and materials and provide comfort and above-average quality of life.

Better Security

A point that stands out in this type of property is the security features. These buildings have electric fences, surveillance cameras, and a 24-hour security system, exclusively prepared so that residents can feel at ease and enjoy moments with their families with maximum protection.

These buildings have cameras installed in hallways, elevators, community areas, and outside. The security team that takes care of and manages the site is prepared to deal with and ensures that all things work perfectly.

Comfortable Living

Another advantage is the comfort generated by these high-rise buildings, mainly related to the spacious rooms, imported kitchen, equipped bathrooms, and stylish balcony, all ready to transform your routine life with a pleasant atmosphere.

Easy Access to Commercial Spaces

As we have already highlighted, the high-end apartments are located in privileged areas with easy access to shopping malls, stores, restaurants, and other strategic points. In addition, the entire private extension of the building offers countless leisure spaces so that residents can have fun, relaxation, and sports without having to leave the apartment.

For investment purposes also, a luxury apartment is a smart choice.

There are some other benefits of investing in a high-rise and investing in a luxury apartment.

For most people, having security, comfort, and peace of mind in the family are top priorities. Purchasing a luxury apartment does not only represent social status but a guarantee of luxury living. Check out some other benefits that luxury apartments can bring to your life!

Best Rental Property

New apartments offer high-standard property investment. As we have already highlighted, buying a luxury apartment in Islamabad should be seen as an investment, as it is an exclusive property with high rents.

Annexed Shopping Centers

New luxury apartments in Islamabad are mostly close to shopping centers and large avenues, which brings many facilities to the families who reside in them.

Most of the high-end apartment projects in Islamabad offer exclusive facilities for the owners. In addition to being an excellent business opportunity, these areas usually have spaces for the leisure of children and families, including outdoor and indoor swimming pools, well-kept gardens, a gym, and private laundry.

Parking spaces

Furthermore, it is very common for families that choose this type of living to have more cars than others. For this reason, luxury apartment projects offer more spaces per unit, which guarantees comfort and security.

Peace and Comfort

Luxury apartment projects offer tranquility desired by the residents. A large, beautiful, comfortable, safe, and very well located property provides more pleasant and rewarding moments to its residents.

Luxury Amenities

Luxury apartment buildings have swimming pools, ample space in the rooms and garage, and a leisure area. High-rise apartment projects can provide these and bring a much higher level of serenity.


Buying a luxury apartment is not a simple and easy task. There is also a need to verify that the project is legal and the developer is experienced.

As an experienced real estate consultant, we can help you buy the best apartments for sale in Islamabad. If you are looking to buy a flat or apartment in Islamabad, or need real estate investment advice, feel free to contact us via email at marketing@manahilestate.com or call/WhatsApp at 03455222253.  

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