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What Are the Major Roads Connecting To RUDN Enclave location

RUDN Enclave location

RUDN Enclave is a modern housing project that is developing at the crossways of major roads and routes that give it an incomparable advantage over other housing projects. One of the major developments of twin cities in recent times is Rawalpindi Ring Road and the RUDN Enclave location has taken the prime spot on this route.

Connectivity with roads and highways is the major factor that makes a housing project accessible. Daily travelers love to live at a place that is near a highway, motorway, ring road, toll plaza, and link roads. RUDN Enclave connects with all of them (Yes, you heard it right). RUDN Enclave’s location is exceptional and accessible from every nook and corner. 

Following map shows the accessibility of Rudn Enclave from Different places:

RUDN Enclave location

RUDN Enclave Rawalpindi location is accessible from the following routes:

Rawalpindi Ring Road – RUDN Enclave

The Rawalpindi Ring Road is the most anticipated project that is currently developing from Rawat to N-5 Sangjani. RUDN Enclave is among those housing projects that are befitting of the Rawalpindi Ring Road project as the housing project is getting direct access from the Ring Road Interchange. RUDN Enclave’s first Gate is right next to the Rawalpindi Ring Road route and Adyala Interchange. The road would make it convenient for the residents of RUDN Enclave to travel to Islamabad International Airport and Motorway through Rawalpindi Ring Road.   

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Adyala Road Route

The next major route that connects RUDN Enclave with Rawalpindi Sadar is Adyala Road. Through Adyala Road or Dhamiyal link road, anyone can easily reach Rawalpindi Sadar. Also from G.T. road taking the route from Rawalpindi Golf Club to RUDN Enclave through Adyala Road, you can reach the main entrance n about half an hour.  

Chakri Road Route – RUDN Enclave

If you want to access RUDN Enclave from Motorway then the route from Chakri Toll Plaza at the M-2 Motorway to RUDN Enclave is best. A motorway is about 30 Km away from the society’s main gate. Getting to RUDN Enclave from Chakri Toll Plaza would take around 35 minutes to reach. This route is best for those who are coming from the Motorway or want to travel to M-2 Motorway from Rudn Enclave.  

Rawat Chakbeli Road Route

Rawat Chakbeli Road link is another route that connects RUDN Enclave to the eastern side of the city. This road link starts from the opposite side of the Police Foundation Housing Society and Radio Pakistan Complex at Rawat and connects Chakbeli road with Adyala road, anyone can reach the RUDN Enclave location. This would serve as an alternative route for anyone till the completion of Rawalpindi Ring Road. After the opening of RRR, that would serve as the fastest link from Rawat to reach RUDN Enclave.     

N-5 National Highway – RUDN Enclave

The N-5 National Highway has many venues from which one can travel to the RUDN Enclave location. Starting from Rawat to the entrance of Bahria Expressway on G.T. road, one can take any link road to reach RUDN Enclave. The most convenient of which is the Bahria Expressway entrance of Phase 7 at G.T. Road. The road starting from G.T road would take you to the RUDN Enclave, passing from Bahria Town Phase 7 – DHA and then linking it with Morgah Road.  


RUDN Enclave is one of those few housing projects in Rawalpindi-Islamabad that have multiple access points and road links connecting to it. Due to its easy accessibility and good location, RUDN Enclave is the best new housing project to invest in or buy plots.   

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