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Price Update of Bahria Town Karachi Plots, Homes, Apartments


Since the launch of Bahria Town Karachi, prices of residential & commercial plots, 5 and 8 marla homes as well as apartments went up to a certain limit of profit and then came down. This project perplexed the investors until August 2014, especially those who were already bitten hard by Bahria Encalve 2 Islamabad and Bahria Town Phase 8 Rawalpindi.

Prices kept going up & down throughout the year and many investors sold their files at very little profit after considering it a failed project or a very long term project unworthy of investment. Major rise in prices came after this Ramadan when prices started rising, and many smart investors who had already started purchasing files of plots, commercials, homes & apartments during Ramadan, became very active.

Prices are still going up and this stage is considered to be very risky as margin for real profit seems depleted. 5 Marla still seems to have some potential of growth, but remaining investments seem risky for short term gain. If you are planning to keep your investment until the possessions, then it is advisable to pick up required properties as soon as possible.

New bookings of Bahria Town Karachi are also coming at very high prices, which we will discuss in some other article.

This post is meant to share current price ranges of residential and commercial plots, homes & apartments so that you can have better idea of the prices of all kinds of properties available in bahria town karachi.

Note: Prices are volatile nowadays for these properties, so these prices may not be relevant after a few days or maybe tomorrow. Therefore you should check current market first by using our online chat service and via phone (0333-3421013) or Email before making up your mind based on the given prices.

As prices are changing daily, we have created a page specifically for the purpose of giving you price update of Bahria Town Karachi Plots, Homes & Apartments. You can check latest prices at the link given below:


Residential Plots:

These prices of residential plots include just down payment and profit. Due installments are additional to this price, which need to be paid at the time of transfer.

125 Square Yards / 5 Marla: PKR 2.90 to 3.10 Lacs 

250 Square Yards / 10 Marla: PKR 9.25 to 9.50 Lacs

500 Square Yards / 1 Kanal: PKR 15 to 15.50 Lacs

1000 Square Yards / 2 Kanal: PKR 22 to 24 Lacs

Following are the prices of Commercial Plots, 5 and 8 marla homes, and 2 bed apartments which were booked with Hoshang Pearl & Opal 225 Registration Forms.

Commercial Plots:

Commercial Plots have seen good rise and prices have gone up to more than double during the past 3 months. The increase seems stable and could be growing further.

125 Square Yards  / 5 Marla: PKR 67 to 70 Lacs

200 Square Yards / 8 Marla: Not Available

250 Square Yards / 10 Marla: Not Available 

Bahria Homes:

Bahria Homes always seemed to be an attractive option due to its booking prices. A ready-made house of this size and features would worth more than double if constructed today, and it may worth three-fold after 4 years.

125 Square Yards  / 5 Marla: PKR 15.50 to 16 Lacs

200 Square Yards  / 8 Marla: PKR 25 to 27 Lacs

Bahria Apartments:

Bahria Apartments are low cost housing solution as prices were kept affordable for general middle class public across Pakistan. It seems a good investment for medium term.

2 Bedroom (950 Square Feet): PKR 14 to 15 Lacs

3 Bedroom (2250 Square Feet): Not Available

4 Bedroom (2950 Square Feet): Not Available

Midway Commercial:

Midway commercial is expected to get possession in coming December 2014. Bahria has been advertising a lot about possession of these commercials, therefore demand and prices of this commercial are genuinely increasing.

125 Square Yards  / 5 Marla: PKR 115 to 120 Lacs

Bahria Homes Quaid Block:

Quaid block was launched recently at 75 lac total price and still it is selling at this much profit.

200 Square Yards  / 8 Marla: PKR 34 to 36 Lacs

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