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CDA to Complete KORAL-PWD Section of Islamabad Expressway by April 2023

KORAL and PWD part of the Islamabad Expressway

News: Capital Development Authority (CDA) looks forward to completing and opening the KORAL-PWD part of the Islamabad Expressway project by April 2023.

According to the latest updates shared by the Project Manager working on the Islamabad Expressway Expansion project, the KORAL and PWD part of the Islamabad Expressway project will be completed by coming April 2023. It is important to note that this section expands from Korang Nullah Bridge to PWD Interchange Islamabad. Moreover, the development of Korang Nullah Bridge also falls under the same project.

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The development of this bridge was, by far the most difficult project in Islamabad Expressway Expansion, as it is present 30 meters high. The total length of the Korang Bridge is almost 150 meters and it stands at 33 grinders, of which the installation was a big challenge for labor and machinery. The grinders had to be lifted and re-installed according to the new development plan and it took quite some time.

The major problem that the development team faced was that there was no space for placing the crane, so manual labor was used to install the large grinders. Each grinder is 50 meters long and weighs 170 tons, so they were almost impossible to lift and place at a proper mark. Project Manager stated that it took almost 2 to 3 days to place a single grinder and a unique technique was used to do so.

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However, the grinder installation is already halfway through and developers are committed to completing in soon and moving on to laying the road between KORAL and PWD part of the Islamabad Expressway project. In addition to this, the Project Manager also hinted that 35 meters long east Railroad Bridge will be finished by the end of January 2023. Whereas, the western part of the rail road bridge requires a lot of work, therefore, it can take anywhere from 4 to six months for completion. Moreover, Director CDA stated that the work on PWD to T-Chowk has also started and labor has been deployed.

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