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Bahria Town Phase 8 Rose Garden – New Deal of 5 Marla Developed Plots

Rose Garden Bahria Town Phase 8

Bahria Town Rawalpindi has once again come up with a new deal of 5 marla fully developed and possession-able plots in its phase 8 adjacent to Awami Villas 3 Apartments.

The new deal of 5 marla plots is called “Rose Garden Block” which comprises just 5 marla (30×40) fully developed plots. You can buy a plot and start building your house the very next day.

All facilities are available already in Rose Garden block, so it is a good opportunity for those who are looking to buy a developed plot in low budget within bahria town.

Following is the location map of Rose Garden block:

Rose Garden Location Google Map

As you can see on the map, Rose Garden is located right next to Awami Villas 3. In fact, these plots belong to awami villas 3 project, but now these have become part of this newly launched block.

Awami Villas 3 were launched about a decade ago at very low prices, however, due to certain issues,  the project was delayed and its cost increased too much. Bahria Town managed to build about 300 to 400 apartments, but remaining were just files and Bahria Town had to find some solution for those file owners.

After the launch of Bahria Orchard, Bahria Town offered awami file owners to get 5 marla plot in orchard against their flat in awami 3. Many people thought it best to capture that opportunity, and they moved to orchard.

Hence, bahria town was left with many plots in Awami 3, which they relaunched on full payment and named the block as “Rose Garden”.

Following is the location map of this new block in bahria town phase 8 master plan:

Rose Garden Phase 8 Location Map

As you can see in the map attached above, this area is located right next to N Block. On the other hand, it is adjacent to Bahria Town Phase 8 Extension, which is currently a non-developed area. New Rawalpindi Ring Road project will give direct access to Bahria Town through Phase 8 Extension, so this area will be close to Motorway and Islamabad through the ring road.

Following are some salient features of these 5 marla new plots:

  • Fully developed and ready for possession
  • All basic amenities available
  • Best for future residence
  • Low prices
  • Height Area
  • No Taxes and No Transfer Fee
  • Open Forms
  • All dues cleared plots

Since there are very limited plots available in this new deal, so it is better to take quick decision if you want to avail this opportunity. Plots are available on first come first served basis, and total price is 20 Lacs which is payable at the time of booking. This new deal is available on full payment, so only those people should consider this option who want to build their home or who want to invest for medium to long term.

Following is the map of Awami Villas 3 or Rose Garden Block:

Awami villas 3 Map

You can choose your plot from the available options. Just visit the location, choose your preferred plot from the availability list, and finalize your deal. It’s really that simple !

You have to make pay order for full payment i.e. 20 lacs in favor of “Bahria Town Private Limited” in order to confirm your booking. After the payment, You will receive an open (blank) form with your selected plot number on it. You can either keep the plot open i.e. keep the form blank for new buyer if you intend to sell soon, otherwise do the following:

  • Fill in necessary details i.e. name, address, phone number etc.
  • Attached CNIC copies of applicant and nominee (next of kin)
  • Attach 2 passport size photos
  • Submit the form in Bahria Town head office in Phase 8 Hub Commercial
  • Bahria will return customer copy of form after official stamp
  • This customer copy of form is your original plot document

Following are some real on ground images of Rose Garden block: (click to enlarge)

Rose Garden Bahria Phase 8 Pictures Rose Garden Bahria Phase 8 Pictures Rose Garden Bahria Phase 8 Pictures Awami 3 Adjacent Rose Garden Bahria Phase 8 Pictures fully developed  Rose Garden Bahria Phase 8 Pictures Rose Garden Bahria Phase 8 Pictures2

Should you need more details on this new deal, or you want to visit the location and choose plots for booking, you can contact any time at the following number +92-345-5222253 (whatsapp enabled) or email us at marketing@manahilestate.com


  1. M.A.Atiq says:

    I need assistance and guidance …..
    I have one Kanal plot in Bahria Phase-8 Sector F-4 for investment, Four years pass but I did not observe any increase in price even I have to pay Additional Development Charges.
    Please write your Opinion to sale it or keep and what is the future of Phase-8 Sector F-4.

  2. Kamran Ejaz says:

    I have 3 plots in Rose Garden.
    If someone is interested, let call me.

  3. Javed Iqbal says:

    روز سٹی مین ملتان روڈ پھول نگر بائی پاس پر موجود بہترین رہاشی منصوبہ آپ کوآفرکررہاہے
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    خوبصورت لینڈ سکیپ، مسجد، سکول، ہسپتال، کمرشل ایریا اور پلے گراؤنڈ۔ پانچ مرلہ پلاٹ کی بکنگ شروع ہو چکی ہے۔ شکریہ۔ روز سٹی
    0300 3993737 042 35443327

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