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Tourism Expressway – A New Road from Rawalpindi to Murree

Tourism Expressway to Murree

Pakistan has emerged as a new destination of tourism in the country and different projects across the country are proof of that. A recent development in the tourism industry in Pakistan was the announcement of the Tourism Expressway Project.

This project was to be initiated but there was uncertainty about the significance and initiation date for this project. It was until recently that the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) announced that PKR 1.5 billion has been released for the first phase of this project. 

Tourism Expressway Project will provide a safe and fast route to Murree. It will cover 123 KMs long road reconstruction and expansion. The cost of this project was estimated at around PKR 4.5 billion and PKR 1.5 billion is only its initiation amount.

The expansion of the road will bring it to be 24ft. wide and it will be more than enough to avoid any bottleneck traffic jams. It is the busiest road in the tourism sector of Pakistan. There were a lot of traffic issues on this road since people had to go through Bhara Kahu which is not traffic friendly especially in peak tourism and during office hours daily.

Following is the route map of Tourism Expressway from Rawalpindi to Murree:

Tourism Expressway Route Map

The RDA is not only monitoring this project but the Prime Minister himself is personally monitoring it. He has a vision of promoting tourism in Pakistan and it is one of the busiest roads in this sector. It is a connecting road to the far-off regions of Azad Kashmir and it offers a great pathway to otherwise difficult and hard-to-reach mountainous areas.

It is an alternate route to Muzaffarabad as it will now be more accessible from this route. It is also going to provide a scenic route to Murree and Galiyat as they are the essence of Pakistan’s tourism. Pakistan has huge plans for tourism development and it is only a small initiative in the right direction.

The completion time for this project is 2 years only and the work has already begun to ensure smooth development of this project. This project will bring in more tourism and the revenue generated from this highway is going to be enough to keep it up and running for the years to follow.

The road is not only to provide a pathway to the tourists but it will open business opportunities for the locals as well. Moreover, the investors will be encouraged to purchase the land and open restaurants and hotels while keeping the forest intact. Commercial plazas and buildings with hotels and other shops will provide a business opportunity like never before.

The road is not only going to be a scenic route but the trees that are cut for this project will be restored. RDA plans to plant 300,000 trees as a part of this project to keep the forest intact. Moreover, RDA plans to keep the element of the Potohar region by planting around 30,000 fruit trees specific to Potohar. These trees are going to provide a unique and natural look to the road and tourists would prefer traveling on this road.

Pakistan has been thriving to achieve new milestones in promoting tourism. The current Government of Pakistan has the vision to bring foreign tourists to this country. In addition, it can only be made possible if better facilities are provided. Unlike any other country across the world, Pakistan is also planting the trees that are going to be cut in this project. Pakistan is working hard to keep the ecosystem intact so that environment is not harmed by any project. This project is going to be a successful venture in this sector.

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