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The Chalet by Abdullah City Islamabad

Abdullah City - The Chalet

Abdullah has launched yet another sub-project in society after the great success of the Oasis Block. This time Abdullah City Islamabad has launched The Chalet which is a Villa-oriented project.


The Chalet is a new project in Abdullah City Islamabad. The society launched this project to facilitate people who prefer Villa Living but cannot construct themselves due to any reasons. The Chalet is a luxury Villa community located at a magnificent location in Abdullah City Islamabad.

The Chalet by Abdullah City consists of compact villas of relatively smaller sizes that are fully equipped with state-of-the-art amenities. Furthermore, The Chalet Villas are designed to be aesthetically pleasing and according to international standards. These are fully furnished dream villas that feature a modern look and contribute to a well-maintained life.

The Chalet – Detailed Overview Video

Abdullah City – The Chalet Location

The Chalet Villas lie in the most desirable location of Abdullah City Islamabad. They are ideally located in the Aziz block of Abdullah City. This block is relatively smaller as compared to other blocks of society and is named after the Chairman, Asim Aziz. This block is located right next to the main entrance of Abdullah City on the main Ghous-e-Azam Road. It is present at the rear end of Quaid Block and opposite to Defense Block of Abdullah City Islamabad.

Following is the location map of Abdullah City – The Chalet:

Abdullah City - The Chalet Location

Legal Status

Abdullah City falls under the jurisdiction of the Rawalpindi Development Authority; however, it is easily accessible from Islamabad as well. The NOC of Abdullah City is under process by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA).

Society has some issues with Tehsil Municipal Authority (TMA), hence the delay in NOC acquisition. However, management is working hard to clear society from TMA and RDA. The Chalet is a part of Abdullah City; hence same approval conditions are applicable. However, this project is duly approved by Abdullah City Administrative Authority.

Developers and Owners

Abdullah City and The Chalet, both are being developed by Aziz Builders, a famous name in the development and construction industry of Pakistan. Aziz Builders is a specialized development firm, owned by Asim Aziz. He is also the owner and C.E.O of Abdullah City Housing Society.

Aziz builders are specialized in town planning and land development services. They not only have an extensive portfolio but customers also trust them and they have a lot of positive feedback. For Abdullah City – The Chalet, Aziz Builders have joined hands with I Orbit (PVT) Ltd. They are the design consultants for The Chalet Villas.

Development Status

The official development of The Chalet has not started as of yet. This is because the developers were working on the plan and design of Villas, however, the planning and designing of these compact villas are now complete. Developers will start the construction work soon; Aziz Builders may hold a groundbreaking ceremony to announce the official development of The Chalet.

The Chalet Villas – Layout Plan

The design and layout of The Chalet are done by one of the leading design consultants named I Orbit (PVT) Ltd. The Villas will be constructed on 40 feet boulevard of Aziz Block. A complete boulevard road is dedicated to these Villas; they will be developed on adjacent sides of this boulevard. Generally, The Chalet will be an independent community of luxury villas of the same size.

Villa Size

All the villas in Abdullah City – The Chalet will be of the same size. A small landscape area is also included on the front of each villa.

Following is the size of villas in The Chalet:

  • 5 Marla Luxury Villas – 25 * 50 (1250 sq. ft.)

Following is the general layout plan for the boulevard of Aziz Block:

Abdullah City - The Chalet Boulevard Layout

Villas Layout Plan

As per the layout plan designed by I Orbit (PVT) Ltd, these will be double-story villas with a ground and first floor.

Ground Floor

The ground floor consists of a 5 feet-wide landscape on the front of each villa, followed by 10 feet wide gate and a parking area with a capacity of 1 vehicle. Next to the parking area is a foyer and a small store room. Opposite the foyer is the living/lounge and drawing room. There is a master bathroom and an attached bathroom with a master bedroom. Moreover, there is a central dining area with an open kitchen on one side.

Following is the layout plan of the ground floor:

Ground Floor Layout

First Floor

The first floor can be accessed via stairs present at the rear end of the ground floor. Coming forward you’ll get a small dirty kitchen followed by an open kitchen, a small bedroom, and a master bedroom. Moreover, there is a powder room followed by an open Terrace and a balcony attached to the master bedroom. The first floor also comprises an attached washroom and master bath.

Following is the layout plan of the first floor:

First Floor Layout


Abdullah City – The Chalet is planned to provide excellent living amenities that contribute to well maintained and luxurious villa life. They are equipped with all basic and modern amenities as required by today’s modern consumer.

Following are amenities of this sub-project of Abdullah City:

  • All Villas are double-story and completely furnished
  • All basic amenities like water, gas, and electricity
  • Safe and secure villa community
  • Reliable garbage management system
  • Nearby commercial areas
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Mosques at walking distance
  • Dependable maintenance services
  • Educational institutes located nearby
  • Easily accessible from different parts of society as well as Rawalpindi and Islamabad


A total of 40 Villas will be developed in The Chalet project of Abdullah City Islamabad. They can be purchased by paying the lump-sum payment. Installment plan is not available for The Chalet Villas; however, the prices are very affordable for the value these villas are providing.

  • The total price of 5 Marla fully-furnished villas in The Chalet is PKR 75,000,000.

Following is the price plan of The Chalet by Abdullah City:

Keep in mind that the new payment plan will be released by Abdullah City for these villas, Furthermore, no rental value will be offered after the new plan is released. The estimated cost will be around PKR 1,250,000.

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or if you want more information!

Benefits of Buying the Chalet Villas

Abdullah City is offering excellent benefits on purchasing these villas like:

  • Documentation is transferred at the start whereas possession of The Chalet Villas will be granted no more than 2 years from now.
  • These villas are booked on 2 years agreement on rental value, 1% of the rent will be returned to the client.
  • 6 advance rent cheques will be handed over to customers.


The Chalet Villas is the latest addition to the Abdullah City housing society. These are 5 Marla fully furnished double-story villas that will be developed by Aziz Builders. They present a great rental value for investors and potential customers.

Abdullah City is also offering great benefits on the purchase of The Chalet Villas. They are located in the most demanded Aziz block of the society and feature easy accessibility from different places. The Chalet villas are a perfect choice for people who search for luxury villa life at affordable costs.

Kindly contact Manahil Estate to book your luxury 5 Marla Villa in The Chalet by Abdullah City Islamabad! You can reach out to us via phone at +92-345-5222253, email at marketing@manahilestate.com, or send your inquiry through our online form! Avail of this offer to enjoy exclusive benefits offered by Abdullah City Islamabad!