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A Probe Into New Islamabad Airport’s Third Runway Controversy


New Islamabad Airport Project gets hit again by third runway controversy which tends to jeopardize investors’ stakes in neighboring housing schemes.

After the civil aviation admits design flaws in existing runways of new Islamabad International Airport, the authority is planning to acquire more land in order to build a third runway towards northern side near the existing parking area. There is no good reason which explains why CAA chose the site away from existing runways and control towers as it can cause security threats and also the existing housing schemes may become the victim i.e. PECHS and Top City-1.

More details on land acquisition by CAA for third runway can be read at the following page:


According to news sources, the new airport will certainly start operations on 14th August 2017, while the third runway will be built over the next few years.

There are lots of rumors afloat nowadays regarding the expected location and funnel zones that will affect the adjacent housing schemes. These rumors have jeopardized investors’ stakes in parts of PECHS and Top City as these societies lie very close to the existing boundary of new Islamabad Airport. You can check the proposed location of third runway on the following map in order to identify which areas are expected to get affected:

New Runway NIIA Map

Here we can see that the third runway is lying close to PECHS K & M Blocks, and the funnel zone affects E and F blocks of Top City-1 Islamabad. We have drawn the same runway and funnel zone on google maps and the following result we get:

New Islamabad Airport Google Map Image

If the third runway is going to be built at this proposed location, Top City-1 is going to get affected and its E and F blocks may be declared as no construction zone. PECHS M block lies closer to this proposed third runway, however if the actual distance of M block is more than 200 meters from revised boundary line, it will have no affect except increase in noise due to flight operations on this new runway. Otherwise, some part of M block may fall under no construction zone which comes under 200 meters distance from new boundary line.

There are also some rumors that the third runway will be built parallel to the existing runways towards the southern side, however there is no confirmation as yet. Currently, we just have one authentic news source, i.e. DAWN article, which gives us some idea about the proposed site, but this article also talks about the alternative proposal and negative aspects of this current location.

Until this matter is resolved, investors will more likely stay away from investing in the locations which may fall under no construction zone. However, the subject housing schemes should assure its investors that they will stand by them in case such issue arises and they will allot alternate plots at some better location if they have to cancel current allotments.


  1. Abdur Rahman says:

    Why you deleted my comment

    • Dear Mr. Abdur Rahman,

      When media is picking up the news, it means something is going on somewhere. We are just informing people so that they know what can also happen. It is an alarming news, but not created by us but by a reputable and credible newspaper.

      i hope you understand.

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