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NOVA City Denounces Rawalpindi Ring Road Inquiry Report


NOVA City has publicly denied all charges levelled against the society in Rawalpindi Ring Road Inquiry Report prepared by The Commissioner Rawalpindi. The society was found to be the biggest culprit in the fact finding report of Ring Road Scandal, and a number of charges were levelled against it in the inquiry report which caused massive damage to its reputation in the real estate market and affected its sales.

The number of charges against NOVA City in the inquiry report are mentioned below:

  • NOVA City influenced the change of alignment of Rawalpindi Ring Road
  • NOVA City sold more files than its actual land ownership
  • NOVA City falls in SFZ (structure free zone) of Funnel Area which cannot be approved for housing project
  • NOVA City has political connections in Civil Aviation Authority
  • NOVA City looted billion from General Public by creating R3 (Rawalpindi Ring Road) Hype
  • NOVA City is Benami partnership of influential Federal Minister

If you read the inquiry report and listen to media reports on this scandal, NOVA City is found to be the prime suspect in this case, hence it is quite natural for people who had invested in NOVA City to be worried about the future of NOVA City.

The Society has finally published its rebuttal to the accusations in major newspapers by sharing some facts with its members.

Following statement is published by NOVA City:

  • NOVA City started land purchase in district Attock in June 2020 after ring road new alignment had been finalized. The society paid millions to the government of Pakistan for obtaining access on CPEC Road. It doesn’t have any connection with Rawalpindi Ring Road, so change of alignment doesn’t affect NOVA City.
  • NOVA City doesn’t fall in SFZ of Funnel Area of Islamabad Airport. Social connections of one of Society’s director are being used to malign the society.
  • NOVA City owns more than 9000 kanals of land whereas sold memberships will require about 3500 kanals of land. Therefore, there is no overselling of plots by the society.
  • NOVA City reserves the right of legal proceedings against negative and biased propaganda against the society.
  • NOVA City assures all members that it is firm in its commitment to deliver the best family lifestyle in Pakistan at an affordable cost. 

Since the Government of Punjab has constituted another inquiry committee under DG Anti Corruption Punjab after objections raised on the inquiry report by Commissioner Rawalpindi, therefore we cannot make judgments at this stage. The Government should conduct an all-inclusive probe by including technical experts to determine whether the change of alignment was a mala fide attempt for personal gains or it was the best route possible for Rawalpindi Ring Road.

NOVA City demands the government to constitute a neutral and independent forum where concerns of such businesses can be addressed which are maligned through propaganda. The society offers full cooperation with any government agency assigned in this inquiry in order to provide records and documentary evidence of its claims.

You can read the complete report on Rawalpindi Ring Road Inquiry below:

Rawalpindi Ring Road Inquiry Report

You can see the response published by NOVA City below:

Nova City Rebuttal to Ring Road Inquiry EnglishNova City Rebuttal to Ring Road Inquiry Urdu

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