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LDA City Lahore


LDA City Lahore

After successful and in record time completion of Metro Bus, Kalma Chowk Under Pass, Walton Overhead Bypass projects, Lahore Development Authority is now presenting another fast track project named as LDA City Lahore.

It is important to mention here that Gulberg Town, Model Town, Allama Iqbal Town, Johar Town, Faisal Town and Garden Town are also successful projects of LDA and are still considered best housing schemes of the country.

Consisting of 45,000 Kanal land area, its Pakistan’s largest housing project.

LDA claims that LDA City would be the most modernized and beautiful housing scheme of Punjab province and the most suitable land has already been selected for this purpose.

LDA and Vision 2020

Vision 2020 is a dream of Punjab Government for making Lahore city, South Asian’s most modernized and beautiful city and LDA has been striving for the same since 2010. The mission of LDA is to improve the living standard of citizens of Lahore metropolitan city, providing them all necessities of life, interconnecting the citizens of the city through effective town planning, planning of facilities for its residents, taking measures to promote industries, management of traffic system of the city, expansion of transportation systems, health and education, water supply, sewerage system and continuous improvement of all these facilities.

LDA City Project

LDA has completed various successful housing projects in the past like Allama Iqbal Town, Faisal Town, Jauhar Town, Gulberg Town and Garden Town. In these projects, higher level of town planning and international class town facilities was ensured. This is the reason that all these five housing schemes are still known as distinctive societies of Lahore. These societies has not only provided good living standard to its residents but also greatly contributed towards enhancing the beauty of the city and making it the most developed city of the province.

Keeping in view the growing population of the city, there is an immense need of a similar large scale and modern housing project. Though, there are already a number of private developers playing a good role in providing housing facilities to the citizens of Lahore but considering the growth size of population, there is a serious need of a large scale housing project that could cope up with the demand of state-of-the-art housing society.

Following its wonderful and elegant tradition, LDA has now launched the LDA City project.

According to the size of this project, it is the largest project of the province which will provide housing facilities to 40,000 families. Complying with the National Housing Policy, LDA is offering small size plots on low prices for people under low income scale whereas One Kanal and Two Kanal plots are also available for enjoying high class living standards.

Location of the Project

The prominent feature of LDA City is the best location of this housing society. Since it is very close to all important points of Lahore city, Ring Road, Metro Bus Station and Railway Station, it will provide the best facilities to its residents.

LDA City is located on the South of Ferouzpur Road and 1.5 Kilometer away from Lahore Ring Road and Gajumatah Metro Bus Station. Being province’s largest housing scheme, it is comprising of 45,000 Kanals and will provide housing facilities to 40,000 families. LDA City will be expanded to 60,000 Kanals in future. The boundaries of LDA City meet Ferouzpur Road on South, Defence Road on North and Karachi Railway Line Balloki on its West.

Development of the Project

On the basis of its vast experience, LDA will develop this project through public-private partnership and for the same purpose, through a transparent process five development partners would invest in this project under an agreement with LDA.

LDA has authorized and made responsible to all its five partners for the acquisition of land in selected area. In this regard, an agreement was signed on September 28, 2013 between LDA and its development partners whereby it was agreed that development partners will be authorized and will be shareholder in sale of the land.

LDA formally announced land acquisition activity for LDA City Project through a press release on Feb 01, 2014


Being a mega project, LDA City is planned according to international standards where development of underpasses and overhead bridges, grand roads system, parks, business centers, education and entertainment facilities will fulfill the current and future demand of the society.