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How to Register Online for Naya Pakistan Housing Program

Naya Pakistan Housing Program Registration

Phase 2 of registrations of Naya Pakistan Housing Program has begun across Pakistan from 15th of July, 2019. The registration drive will continue for next 3 months till October 15, so all deserving families can now avail this lifetime opportunity to get rid of house rents, and possess their own house in the city/place of their choice.

Under the Naya Pakistan Housing Program, the government will offer low cost housing solution to the low income families across Pakistan. The government will launch joint venture housing projects across Pakistan for the registered families in collaboration with private builders/developers in all districts including Major Cities, i.e Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, Peshawar and Quetta etc.

The government aims to build 5 million houses/residential units over the next 5 years, as they have already earmarked land in various districts to be used for Naya Pakistan Housing Schemes. Commercial banks will finance the housing projects as the property will be mortgaged to the banks, and private builders/developers will build those residential units.

NADRA has made the registration process very easy this time due to introduction of online registration system, so anybody from within Pakistan as well as overseas Pakistanis can now register themselves easily for this flagship housing program of the current government. 

Why Should You Register?

As we mentioned earlier, the government will allot housing units only to the registered members of Naya Pakistan Housing Program. There is a nominal fee of 250/- PKR which you have to pay as registration fee at the time of submission of form. 

It is important to mention here that registrations do not guarantee that you will be allotted a house at the time of project launch, but it helps the government to assess the demand for houses and provide you opportunity through open computerized ballot to own a house.

Who Can Register

The registration criteria is very straightforward. As the motto goes “own house for each Pakistani”, the project is meant for the low income families of Pakistan who cannot afford their own residence.

Hence, anybody can register for NPHP, who:

  • Has a valid CNIC/NICOP
  • Does not own a house

Please note that only one person from a single family will be eligible to apply, i.e. either husband or wife, or a dependent child. Those who have registered already in the first phase of registrations last year, they do not need to re-register themselves in the phase 2.

Registration Methods

There are two simple methods to register yourself for the Naya Pakistan Housing Program:

  1. Visit any nearest NADRA E-Sahulat Center to fill & submit your form.
  2. Visit https://nphp.nadra.gov.pk to get registered by submitting online form.

The former method is already being used by many across Pakistan. Those who do not use internet very often, they can easily submit their registration fee at the E-Sahulat Center and submit their form. 

We will elaborate on the second method, which is online registration system for Naya Pakistan Housing Program (NPHP). As there is a large number of Overseas Pakistanis who may not be able to visit Pakistan during the registration period, online registration system will be very helpful for them to get themselves registered for the program without any hassle.

How to Register Online for NPHP

First of all, you have to make online payment of PKR 250/- to NADRA against your CNIC using a number of methods given below:

  1. Easy Paisa 
  2. Jazz Cash
  3. Credit/Debit Card
  4. E-Sahulat Center

If you have a valid credit/debit card, then simply log on to https://nphp.nadra.gov.pk/ and click on the “Register Online” button as shown below:

Register Online for NPHP

If you do not have a credit/debit card, you need to make payment of registration fee first before you can proceed to form section.

If you are living in Pakistan, you can visit any nearest easypaisa/jazzcash franchise to submit your registration fee. If you are living abroad, you may use mobile apps of easypaisa/jazzcash to pay your registration fee. You can easily top up your easypaisa/jazzcash mobile accounts through online bank transfer or manual payments, and pay your registration fee against your CNIC/NICOP.

Once you have paid the registration fee, you can simply visit the website link given above and click “Register Online” button. After you click, a pop-up screen will come up to show you instructions and terms & conditions for applying. You can simply click the checkbox and click “Proceed” as shown below:

Checkbox and Proceed

After you click “Proceed”, you will land onto the first page of Online Registrations. Here you will need to enter your CNIC/NICOP number which is mentioned as Citizen Number on the registration page. Simply enter the number and captcha code, and click “Submit & Contine”.

Online Registration Page 1

If you have already paid your registration fee, your step-2 will be skipped and you will land onto the third step to enter your personal details and housing requirement. If you have not paid your fee, the payment option will open on step-2, and you can choose credit card method to submit your registration fee.

Online Registration Page 2 Payment

After you pay your fee, you will be directed to the third step to enter you personal details, i.e. name, mobile number, monthly income, required bedrooms, number of family members, monthly installment that you can pay, and the city of your choice. After you fill in all necessary details, you can simply review the entries and submit your form.

Once the form is submitted, you will get online registration receipt which you can print/download and send to your email address. 

Naya Pakistan Registraiton Receipt

That is all you have to do in order to register youself for Naya Pakistan Housing Program. It will take hardly a few minutes, and you will save your time and all the hassle of standing in long queues.

Should you have any queries regarding the NPHP, feel free to email us at marketing@manahilestate.com.

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