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How to Apply for Possession in Bahria Town Karachi – Complete Guide

How to Apply Possessions in Bahria Karachi

If you happen to be one of the members of Bahria Town Karachi who have received warning letter by Bahria Town to apply for possessions before 31st January 2020, then you should read the instructions given on this page before you proceed for application.

There are thousands of such members who are being forced by Bahria Town to apply for possession of their plots/villas/apartments, therefore we aim to make it easier for those who are going to do this for the first time.

In order to apply for possession, you will need the following documents:

  • Request Form for Possession
  • CNIC Copy of Owner
  • 2x Passport Size Photographs of Owner
  • Original Allotment/Transfer Letter with Photocopy
  • Original Installment Receipts with Photocopies
  • Original Receipts of Paid Utility/Possession/Category Charges

If the property owner is living in Pakistan, he can do this procedure all by himself. This facility is available in all Head Offices of Bahria Town, i.e. Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore, so the allottee can visit himself and submit his possession application.

If the property owner is living outside Pakistan, he can simply authorize somebody in Pakistan to do this procedure. We will explain later on this page how you can authorize somebody to submit your application on your behalf.

You can obtain possession application form from Bahria Town Head Office, or you can simply download it from below and print a copy.

Bahria Town Karachi Possession, Utility and Maintenance Charges

You will need to fill in required details of property and owner and attach the following documents:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • 02 Passport Size Pictures
  • Booking Form/Transfer Letter and All Installments Receipts (Original with Photocopies)

Please note that original letter and receipts will be scanned by Bahria Town’s representative and returned to the applicant.

Before you submit your application, you will need to pay Possession and Utility Charges. You can check your payable amount in the following list of Possession, Utility and Maintenance Charges for all types and sizes of properties in Bahria Town Karachi:

Bahria Town Karachi Possession, Utility and Maintenance Charges

It is important to mention here that you will need to pay all extra charges before you can apply for possession. Besides possession and utility charges, you will need to pay category charges (corner, main road, park face plots), and extra land charges (if any). Each category is charged at 10% of booking price, while extra land schedule is given as under:

  • PKR 10,000/- Per Sq.Yard for Residential Plot
  • PKR 25,000/- Per Sq.Yard for Commercial Plot
  • PKR 2500/- Per Sq.Foot for Bahria Apartment
  • PKR 5500/- Per Sq.Foot for Bahria Heights
  • PKR 50,000/- Per Sq.Yard for Jinnah Avenue Commercial

You can check exact dimension/size of your plot from Bahria Town Head Office, and pay extra charges accordingly.

Following payments challans will be used for payment of possession, utility and category charges:

Bahria Town Possession Charges Challan Form

Possession Charges Challan Form

Bahria Town Karachi Utility Charges Challan Form

Utility Charges Challan Form

Bahria Town Karachi Category Charges Challan Form

Category/Extra Charges Challan Form

Please note that we have attached these forms for reference only, you will need to get original challan forms from Bahria Town Head Office.

You can note down the Account Titles given on each Challan form if you want to pay via pay order. Otherwise you can simply deposit cash along with these forms in any branch of UBL.

After you have deposited your fee, you will attach original receipts with your form and submit at Bahria Town Head Office. Your application will be accepted, and original file will be returned to you. It will take a couple of days for Bahria Town to process your application and issue your possession letter, so your job is finished here if you do not want to build.

Please note that your will be charged monthly maintenance charges (given in the list above) after possession, so you need to count that additional cost per month.

How Can Overseas Pakistanis Apply

If you are an Overseas Pakistani, you will need to send your original property documents/receipts to your authority holder in Pakistan.

In order to authorize, you simply need to follow the given procedure:

  • Download This Form and Take Print
  • Enter Owner and Authority Holder Details
  • Sign and Thumb
  • Scan and Send Via Whatsapp/Email to Your Authority Holder

Your authority holder will need to prepare this authority letter on Rupees 100 Judicial Stamp paper, and attach it with the received copy of Authority Letter. Authority holder will sign and thumb the stamp paper, and attach following documents:

  • 01 Passport Size Photo of Owner
  • 01 Passport Size Photo of Authority Holder
  • 01 CNIC Copy of Owner
  • 01 CNIC Copy of Authority Holder

Once authority documents are ready, authority holder can get it approved from Bahria Town Head Office. Once approved, your authority holder can act on your behalf to handle your documents and apply for possession (procedure given above).

In the end, we hope that every important information has been provided on this page as to how you can apply for possession and what charges need to be paid. If you have any questions or you need assistance, feel free to contact us via whatsapp at 03455222253 or email at marketing@manahilestate.com.

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