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How Smart Homes are becoming the Future of Living?

Smart homes

Imagine living in a house that detects your presence, produces the energy needed for your interior, programs your heating, and improves your quality of life. This is what the homes of the future could look like. Let’s discover these “smart homes” for you!

The house of tomorrow promises to manage daily life more easily and efficiently. This home automation opens the way to many benefits combining comfort, security, and energy savings. So what exactly is a “smart homes”? What advantages does home automation offer today? And what is the future of living? Have a look at what we think of future hoes at Manahil Estate.

What exactly is the House of the Future?

We call a house of the future, or a smart house, a dwelling that is equipped with different functionalities connected to smart devices. This means that it is a house in which you can control several elements such as the lighting, the temperature, or the security system from a smart device.

Smart homes are also able to study the behavior of their inhabitants. It thus adapts to their way of life and manages the operation of all the equipment consistently.

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Smart homes, for more comfort and security – In the era of solar panels coming to every roof in most of the posh areas of Islamabad, living is transformed with the help of technology. Here is a sneak peek into the future of smart living:

The Living Room

Smart homes, Living Room

Various intelligent technologies are already becoming part of the living room. There are big changes in the living rooms of the future. The living will be equipped with smart flat screens to delight entertainment lovers. Other systems have the possibility of turning off room lights that have remained lit or, for the air conditioning, turning on or, on the contrary, turning down the AC of a room depending on the outside temperature. Most gadgets would be controlled by apps through a tablet or smartphone in the living area.

The Kitchen

Smart Kitchen

The smart refrigerator makes life easier for all the family members. It detects missing ingredients, and expired food and allows you to order your groceries with reminders. In addition, many smart kitchens are getting connected to fire alarm systems.

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Smart homes, Bedroom

For total rest during the night, the smart mattress will be the solution. It will monitor the quality of your sleep via sensors, moderate and elevate itself if necessary. The next day, you will have to take details of your night via an application on your smartphone. Similarly, the bedroom would be more efficient with humidifiers, smart temperature control, and air quality monitoring systems.    

The Bathroom


Still, via your connected device, you can control the preparation of your bath from your office: manage the water temperature and the water level and choose one of the scents as well. Isn’t it spoiling? With the help of sensors installed on the valves, you can reduce your water consumption. That’s not all; you can also program the operation of a washing machine or a dryer so that they start at a chosen time.

The House of the Future would be More Efficient

The biggest positive point of the house of the future is that it allows energy savings. The homes of tomorrow will be completely self-sufficient in energy thanks to solar energy and electricity management systems. And of course, everything will be automatic and customizable from your smartphone.

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Other areas, such as health, food, or leisure at home will be managed by home automation, and this, to the delight of future generations! Keep visiting our blog for more useful information, and contact us for the sale and purchase of property in leading housing projects of Islamabad/Rawalpindi!

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