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Smart Homes – What Are the Benefits and How It Works

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The smart home concept in Pakistan has evolved in recent years and has been adopted to improve home security, ensuring ease of living through remote control and connected apps. Capital Smart City is the first housing society to introduce such smart homes in Pakistan.

What are Smart Homes?

A home becomes a smart home when it is equipped with a communication network that connects several electronic products or services to allow remote control or monitoring. A smart home differs from a traditional home in its fundamental aspect due to its connection to technologies. Indeed, a smart home has several systems (audio, video, security, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting).

They are interconnected and controlled remotely with a mobile device or computer and an Internet connection. Traditional homes can transform into this automation system to become smart homes. But, it is also possible to install these systems during a complete renovation of the house.

What are the Benefits of Smart Homes?

Here are the advantages that smart homes offer over conventional homes:


Convenience is one of the main reasons to adopt a smart home concept. The ability to remotely control all home equipment and systems such as ventilation, AC, Multimedia, Security, and door locks add to the convenience of living.


Security is another major benefit. Smart homes have incredible security systems equipped with cameras and motion sensors. They may also be linked to private security companies or local police. Also, instead of having conventional locks, you can open your door with your fingerprints or rely on the use of access cards so that no one else can enter.

Better Accessibility

Better Accessibility for disabled or elderly people. Indeed, voice control is available for some systems to control the opening or closing of doors, lights, computers, or telephones. Also, with automation, you can set a time to do some daily tasks like time to switch off the external lights.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency is another feature of smart homes. The lighting systems can be switched on or off automatically utilizing presence detectors. Air conditioning systems can be programmed remotely according to user preferences and needs.

These systems and the installation of energy-efficient appliances help control water, natural gas, and electricity consumption, reduce bills and help protect the environment.

Better Market Value

Better market value, which means that the value of an automated property is greater than that of a standard house. Smart homes have advanced systems with energy automation. This implies that these houses are highly rated in terms of economy, efficiency, and durability.

How do Smart Homes Work?

The digital age has arrived and is gradually becoming part of our daily lives. The systems used today are simple but they are beginning to have a very positive impact on the comfort of our home and the saving of energy resources. Connected devices are becoming more popular, and it is now easy to make your home smart and automated. For instance

Smart lighting

It’s the fastest and easiest way to start automating your home. Indeed, most of the time, all you have to do is change your conventional bulbs and replace them with bulbs with an integrated chip, the information of which is transmitted to you on your smartphone, via an application.

Thanks to this technology, you can plan light on and off schedules, control everything remotely or even check the status of the lighting when you are away.

Connected Appliances

Thanks to constant progress in home automation, new everyday objects are no longer used for simple washing of clothes or cooking of food. From now on, it is quite possible to send a message to your oven so that it starts up or to ask your refrigerator about the shopping to be done. But it does not stop there!

We also see the appearance of equipment connected to the Internet, capable of suggesting a recipe or calling your mother to ask her for advice. Companies like Google and Amazon are already competing with products like Google Nest and Amazon Alexa.

Home security

If there is one area where smart devices are highly developed, it is home security. Internet-connected cameras, door and window sensors, smart smoke detectors, these high-tech devices alert you instantly in the event of a problem, through notifications on your mobile application, SMS, or even by telephone.

The objective is to provide security at all times, whether you are at home or away. The smart home concept is transforming our lives and people in Pakistan are adapting it.

Closing Remarks

Capital Smart City brings this concept of smart houses in a project named Capital Smart Villas. It is an amazing project that balances nature and smart features. Contact Manahil Estate today to book your smart home here.

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