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Cheap Housing Schemes for Long Term Investment in Islamabad

Islamabad is the most attractive place for property investment due to the fact that it has one of the largest real estate market in Pakistan. This capital city is going through massive developments as thousands of acres of land is lying unused in its zone 2 and zone 4. Since the emergence of Cooperative Housing Schemes, concept of towns is phasing out and major investors have entered into the housing development business. Seeing the profit potential and some other factors including better development standards, life amenities, safety of investment and security conditions, millions of people consider Islamabad as the best place for investment across Pakistan.

If you are an average person looking to invest somewhere in Islamabad, you will be baffled to know the property prices which are beyond affordability for a common man. So, the second thought comes in your mind to invest in a cheap housing scheme where you will be able to earn good profit after a certain period of time. There are so many property investment options available in overall Islamabad that it is quite difficult to decide as to which housing scheme can render good profit and is worth investment.

You should also know the risks involved in low cost investments like frauds, illegal schemes, encroachments and non-development, so it is better to do some research and get proper information about the housing scheme where you are going to invest your hard-earned money.

For shot term investments, you have option to buy anything at the launching price and sell later any time when supply is unable to meet the demand but long term investment can be done any time. Most important things to consider for such investments are PRICE, BACKGROUND, LOCATION, CURRENT STATUS, EXPECTED COMPLETION DATE & EXPECTED RETURN.

For long term investments, it takes a while when profit starts adding up but once it gets momentum you earn manifold return as defined in the following graph which shows you the trend of profit rise with time.


So it takes a lot of patience but ultimately a good investment can change your destiny, therefore you shouldn’t expect anything too early.

We have made this sincere effort to list down a few low cost housing schemes where your investment is safe and where you can earn good profit after an estimated period of time.

DHA Valley Islamabad

DHA Valley is a low cost cheap housing scheme located close to DHA Phase 2 Extension having access through DHA Expressway connected with Islamabad Highway. It is the cheapest investment in any of the DHA Projects where you can get 5 marla plot at as low as 7 lac rupees and 8 marla plot at as low as 9 lac rupees.

This project is a joint venutre of DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town & Habib Rafique (pvt.) Limited (HRL). More details about the project, its location maps, future potential, current development status etc are given at the link below:


This investment is expected to mature by 2018, so this is the time to put some money into this project so that you can earn good profit in future.

For more details about DHA Valley, please contact 0334-3076813.


Wapda Town Islamabad

Wapda Town Islamabad is another low cost housing scheme located in specified area of Islamabad near Sangjani, in provisional Sectors C-18, C-19 of Islamabad. You can get 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots at very low price in this society.

5 Marla will cost as low as 7 lac rupees, 10 marla will cost as low as 9 lac rupees and 1 kanal will cost as low as 16 lac rupees in Wapda Town Islamabad.

The best part for investment in Wapda Town is that it is 70% developed and possessions have been handed over in its A, B & C Blocks. This investment is expected to mature by next 3 to 5 years as it will benefit from under construction Margalla Avenue, also it will benefit from under construction Interchange on Motorway M-1 at AWT.

Since this area is closer to the New Islamabad International Airport, it will benefit from this aspect as well.

Jammu & Kashmir Zone 5

Jammu & Kashmir Zone 5 is also a cheap investment option in Islamabad. It is located right next to Gulberg Housing Scheme Islamabad on Islamabad Highway. This project belongs to Jammu & Kashmir Cooperative Housing Scheme (JKCHS) which is the developer of G-15, F-15 and F-16.

You can find multiple plot sizes in this housing scheme, i.e. 7 marla, 10 marla, 14 marla and 1 kanal. Prices for all dues clear plots range from 6 lacs up to 11 lac rupees, which makes it is the cheapest housing scheme for investment in Islamabad.

Development work has not started yet but it is expected to start soon. Once it starts, prices will start rising as it has a sound background of JKCHS & location is the most appealing factor of this investment. This investment can take anywhere around 5 to 6 years to mature so now is the time to consider this society for your low cost long term investment need.

Ministry of Commerce E-19

Ministry of Commerce is another low cost housing scheme located near AWT Islamabad and having main access from Fateh Jang Road close to PECHS Housing Scheme Islamabad. This scheme is located at the provisional cda sector E-19 of Islamabad.

Ministry of Commerce can take about 5 years to mature as development work is slow, but current management of the society is trying to speed up development work in order to give possessions on time.

This area is close to New Islamabad Airport, so this investment can pay off well once this airport gets operational.

This scheme offers 5 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal residential plots. Here you can get 5 marla plot for as low as 3 lac rupees, 10 marla plot for as low as 3.50 lac rupees and 1 kanal plot for as low as 4 lac rupees. This price includes cost of land, development charges are partially paid which range from 4 to 8 lac rupees.

Kurri Model Village by CDA

Kurri Model Village is located on Kurri road near Park Enclave Housing Scheme in Zone 4 of Islamabad. This is a housing project launched by CDA, which consists of 4 residential blocks. Only plot size available in this scheme is 30×70.

You can get 30×70 size plots in this scheme at as low as 14 lac rupees. It is important to know that CDA has temporarily suspended transfers in this scheme due to some cases of fake files. Therefore, files sell on stamp papers where you pay some advance payment and remaining amount to be paid when transfers resume.

CDA has recently made some progress regarding this scheme by demolishing some houses, details of which are given in the following link:


DHA Phase 2 Extension

DHA Phase 2 Extension is located next to DHA Phase 2 Ex-Commoners Town Blocks K,L,M,N and P. This whole scheme once belonged to Commoners Town which later acquired by DHA Islamabad. Some of the area was included in DHA phase 2 which is called DHA Phase 2 Ex-Commoners Town, and the remaining area is called DHA Phase 2 Extension.

This project will have direct access from DHA Expressway which connects DHA Valley with Islamabad Highway, so the location of this scheme is quite appealing.

This project offers 1 kanal certificates as well as transferable plot files. Plots allotted to Army Personnel has development charges of 6 lac rupees, whereas those allotted to civilians have development charges of 12 lac rupees.

You can get 1 kanal open certificates without development charges paid at as low as 18 lac rupees.

This investment will take about 5 or more years to mature as DHA is famous for slow development progress in all of its schemes. Currently DHA is developing some blocks of DHA Phase 2 Ex-Commoners Town, and DHA Phase 1-Extension (DHA Phase 4), hence DHA Phase 2 Extension seems to take about 5+ years to mature.

We hope you take good benefit from the information provided in this blog as this is our sincere effort to provide you with the facts about low cost housing schemes operating in Islamabad. We have shared our own assessment regarding the maturity period of the above listed housing schemes which may prolong due to any unforeseen events but these societies are safe despite being the cheapest investments in Islamabad.


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    Greetings, how can we compare DHA versus other projects, any suggestions?

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