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Best Golf Residences in Housing Societies of Islamabad

golf residences in Islamabad

Playing a round of golf whenever you want is not the only benefit of owning a property on a golf course. Property investors are buying golf residences in Islamabad due to various other reasons. Due to its immense popularity, various housing projects have offered golf residences in Islamabad. A few in-demand properties near a golf course are:

golf residences in Islamabad

Benefits of Living in Golf Residences

For golf lovers, there are notable advantages to investing in properties within golf course communities. Even if this sport is not your thing, the benefits of living in these spaces may be something worth considering.

Incredible Views

Golf courses provide excellent landscapes that you can enjoy from various areas of your home. You never have to worry about having a huge building in front of you. The property has fantastic views of the surrounding green areas.

Lifestyle Activities

The communities developed within a golf course have a clubhouse to enjoy other recreational and sports activities such as a swimming pool, tennis courts, gym, steam room, sauna, and even a restaurant and bar.

Planned Events

A golf residence in Islamabad means access to events throughout the year, such as golf events where you can meet your neighbors and have fun without ever leaving the house.

Properties Stay Great

In golf communities, the housing societies are in charge of ensuring that the lawns of the golf course are kept in the best conditions. This provides consistency, creates a visually beautiful place, and helps maintain the residents’ values.

Spacious Surroundings

The distance between each house is usually greater than in a traditional housing plan. This allows a bit more privacy.

Flexible Times on the Golf Course

As a benefit of being a resident, you can have priority times to go out to the field to play.


There is a certain level of prestige that comes with living within a golf community. It gives you a proud feeling and it’s not something just anyone can do.

Great Resale Value

Properties in golf courses, in addition to improving the quality of life, have a greater capital gain. Hence, it is a good investment.

Prime Views

If you’re a golf fan, you’ll love seeing the tournaments organized in your community from the front row. Also, if this house is not your daily residence, you can rent it during the tourism months.


With golf residences in Islamabad, the new elite is emerging who would be living surrounded by beautiful golf courses. If you are interested to buy a plot or a house near a golf course, contact Manahil Estate for details. Call us now; we’d love to hear from you. 

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