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Umer Block Bahria Town Karachi – New Booking Details, Location and Plot Prices

Umer Block Bahria Town Karachi

Bahria Town Karachi is launching a new residential block by the name of “Umer Block” which comprises 125 SQY residential plots. This new deal of 125 sqy plots is being advertised by authorized dealers and pre-booking is available on as much as 1 lac profit above actual price.

There is no official information available as to the location and actual launching price of these plots, however we have gathered the following information from market sources:

  • The new block may be named Umer Block
  • It comprises only 125 SQY Plots
  • Total price of a 125 SQY plot is 20.00 Lacs only
  • Total amount will be payable at the time of purchase
  • Balloting of plots will be done within 3 months
  • Possession of plots will be given within 8 months

It is expected to be located near Precinct 32. Some say it will be situated in the open area between precinct 32 and bahria paradise.

Following is the expected location of Umer Block:

Umer block expected location

Some dealers also claim that it is part of Bahria Sports City and they call it new deal of sports city.

Whatever be the case, it is quite evident that given prices are quite reasonable considering current market prices of 125 sqy plots. Full payment factor is likely to fade away the interest of low-budget buyers who want to buy some low cost property with fresh installment plan.

New 125 SQY plots will be available in November 2017. Currently you need to pre-book a plot by paying about 20% to 25% amount, while remaining amount will payable when your plot will be available to book in the first or second week of November.

Update: 2nd November 2017

According to further updates received from market, the new plots will be given against DHA Valley files. You might remember that Bahria Town had offered dha valley members to shift their plots to Bahria Town Karachi or Bahria Town Rawalpindi in November 2015. Thousands of people had applied to shift their dha valley plots through that offer but nobody has received anything so far. It is very much possible that Bahria Town is going to launch this new block in order to adjust dha valley members.

As per market news, Bahria Town Karachi will allot one 125 SQY plot in Umer Block against one file of DHA Valley after some adjustment of price. Therefore, this deal is claimed to be available on cash only. Although this deal is coming through authorized dealers, yet it is possible that Bahria Town responds to those thousands of applications and invite them to get plots in Umer block against their dha valley files.

We will update this page as soon as more information is revealed regarding Umer block, so stay tuned !

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