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Bahria Town Karachi Old Forms Vs Hoshang, Opal and Icon Tower Forms


Bahria Town Karachi Old Forms, which were issued in September 2013 and duly submitted by 4th of October with a fee of Rs. 15000, have reached their maximum value and now is the time to hunt for hoshang pearl, opal 225, bahria icon tower and bahria town tower application forms.

Since Bahria Town Karachi will start booking of housing project this week, the maximum value you can get with these registration forms is either a discount of 150,000 rupees in case you are allotted a plot after balloting, or you will be refunded 10,000 rupees in case you do not get plot after balloting.

Bahria Town Karachi had announced certain discounts for the registration forms of all bahria town karachi projects i.e. residential, icon tower, hoshang, opal, karachi tower, which details are as under:

  • Residential Form with real value of 15,000 gets discount of 150,000 rupees.
  • Bahria Town Tower Form with real value of 75,000 gets discount of 300,000 rupees.
  • Bahria Icon Tower  Form with real value of 100,000 gets discount of 500,000 rupees.
  • Bahria Opal 225 Form with real value of 100,000 gets discount of 500,000 rupees.
  • Bahria Hoshang Pearl Form with real value of 100,000 gets discount of 500,000 rupees.

Bahria Town Karachi had also announced this sunday in the newspaper ad that any form holder will be eligible to apply for the Bahria Town Karachi Housing Project, which includes residential and commercial plots, luxury villas and apartments.

Now see the current market prices of Bahria Town Karachi Forms:

  • Bahria Town Residential Form:  Rs: 180,000
  • Bahria Town Tower Form:          Rs: 150,000
  • Bahria Icon Tower Form:            Rs: 200,000
  • Bahria Opal 225 Form:              Rs: 220,000
  • Bahria Hoshang Pearl Form:      Rs: 200,000

Note: Above listed prices are taken from different dealers as an average price of these forms.

Keep in mind the deposited amount and the refund that you are going to get if you are not allotted any plot after balloting of the project.  Now, If you see the price difference between Karachi Residential Forms and Opal, Hoshang and Icon Tower Forms, it is just about 20 to 40 thousand rupees.

If you buy one Karachi form at 180,000 and book a plot, you may get a plot or you may not. If you get a plot, you get 150,000 discount from actual value of plot and if you fail to get plot after balloting, you will receive 10,000 rupees as a refund amount promised by Bahria Town. So Maximum Benefit is getting a plot with 150,000 discount which is less than what you paid for buying this registration form, and loss is up to 170,000 in case you do not get plot.

Now if you buy one Hoshang, Opal or Icon Form at around 200,000 and book a plot, you are paying 20,000 to 40,000 more than residential form’s value. Here also you may also get a plot or not, but if you get a plot, your will get discount of 500,000 which is 150% more than your paid amount for the form. If you fail to get plot after balloting, you will get 85,000 refund from Bahria Town. So the Maximum Benefit is a plot with 500,000 rupees discount from the actual value of plot, and maximum loss is up to 1.20 lac rupees.

Therefore, as per our understanding, it is quite clear that Karachi Forms will not give as much value as given by Hoshang, Opal, Icon Tower and Bahria Town Tower forms, so now is the time to buy Hoshang and Opal rather than Karachi forms.

Another reason to go after Karachi Tower Forms is that its opening is available till 28th February and there is still much time for the value appreciation of these forms, while Karachi Old Forms have reached their maturity.

If you analyze the profits on all of these forms, you will see that Karachi residential forms have maximum profit, i.e. up to 165,000, whereas Karachi Tower Forms have profit up to 120,000.

Therefore, it can be concluded that these Karachi Tower Forms have still to reach their maximum value by the end of February 2014.


  1. Zafar says:

    I wanna correct one this, if you fail in balloting of Hoshang or Opal form you will get Rs.85,000 instead of Rs.100,000 as you mentioned. Please correct

  2. Asad says:

    Sir do you have any Hoshang Pearl Form for sale pls contact me . 03340127000

  3. Zohaib says:

    I have 1 Registration slip of Shop in Bahria town Icon tower want to sale please tell me price ?

  4. Omar says:

    I have one hoshang pearl form and Opal 225 form for sale
    Please call or watspp 00971 50 9970171

  5. Shahid Gul says:

    Hi Friends, I also a Hoshang Pearl form and interested to Sell. If any one is interested please give a miss call or whatsapp on 00971527935666. Thanks

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