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1947 Housing Scheme Islamabad

1947 Housing Islamabad Banner

1947 Housing Islamabad is a theme-based housing project near Chakri Interchange on Motorway M-2 Islamabad. It aims to develop a hybrid settlement by combining culture, nature and smart technologies all at one place. This modern housing development will represent the cultural heritage and identity of Pakistan through its residential Mohallas named after our national figures.

Apart from the concept and development plans, the project is currently at pre-launch stage, and NOC is yet to be approved by RDA. Pre-launch bookings of residential plots are currently open at introductory prices with a flexible payment plan.

About 1947 Housing

The name “1947 Housing” indicates that it will be a tribute to the cultural heritage of Pakistan and the entire design of the housing society will reflect the culture of Pakistan. It aims to create a connection between the current generation and the older generation with its design theme.

The project is planned over an area of about 8000 kanals near Chakri Interchange. Preliminary development activities have started already at the project site, however full-scale development will ensue right after the project obtains its NOC from Rawalpindi Development Authority.

With a name like Sigal Developers behind the project, 1947 Housing Society will not only be an excellent place for investment, but one can be sure of the overall value for money that this society aims to provide with its affordable payment plan.

Project Location

1947 Housing Islamabad is ideally located right next to Motorway M-2 adjacent to Chakri Interchange. A large number of housing schemes are being developed in this particular area, especially Chakri Road, so ease of access along with prices and development standards will play a vital role in making this project successful.

Following is the location map of 1947 Housing Islamabad:

1947 Housing Islamabad Location Map

Seamless access through Motorway M-2 makes it highly accessible from all the major landmarks of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The location factor alone is a strong enough reason for investors to buy property in 1947 Housing Scheme.

Access Points

1947 Housing Islamabad can be accessed via Motorway M2 or Chakri Road Rawalpindi. Both these points make it easier for people to reach the society. The accessibility will further improve for the people of Rawalpindi after construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road that will connect Rawat directly with Motorway M-2 through a 360 feet wide highway, so approach will be much more convenient for the commuters of twin cities.


1947 Housing Islamabad lies close to all major landmarks of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Despite being situated in the outskirts of Islamabad, the society has convenient access to multiple important locations via Motorway M-2.

Society Acessibility

  • Motorway M2 – Right Next to the society
  • Islamabad International Airport – 25 Minutes
  • Motorway M1 – 30 Minutes
  • National Highways N80 – 39 Minutes
  • Motorway M14 – 36 Minutes
  • Srinagar Highway – 30 Minutes
  • Rawalpindi Kohat Road – 28 Minutes

Nearby Housing Societies

Chakri Road has become a hub of real estate developments in Rawalpindi, which is why 1947 Housing Islamabad is ideally located close to a cluster of newly developing housing schemes, namely:

Owners & Developers

1947 Housing Scheme is sponsored by Sigal Group, which is a renowned real estate development company in Islamabad. The developers have come up with the idea of Hybrid living by combining cultural heritage with nature and smart technologies to provide state-of-the-art urban settlement near Capital City Islamabad.

1947 Housing Islamabad Developers and Owners

1947 Housing is one-of-its-kind housing project in twin cities due to its unique concept design and matchless amenities. The developers are committed to delivering this project without any delays, so you should expect full-scale development as soon as NOC is issued by RDA.

Sigal Developers have successfully delivered the following projects in the past:

  • Murree Oaks
  • MS Tower Lahore
  • Sigal Villas and Apartments

They have employed a team of highly trained professionals to keep up the development pace and design the entire project according to the master plan. Sigal developers is a name of trust and credibility in the housing market of Pakistan. 1947 Housing is a flagship housing project of Sigal Developers, and they aim to make it one of the best projects in Islamabad.

Development Progress

The work on the construction of the Main Gate has already begun and it can be seen on site. The allocated area has been sealed with walls as well and the division is now being done for the sectors as well.

The site of 1947 Housing Islamabad can be visited through Chakri Road, and it can be accessed from the Motorway as well. 

Development Pictures

Have a look at the following pictures for a better idea:

Development Pictures1947 Housing Islamabad Development Progress Picture1947 Housing Islamabad Development PicturesDevelopment Progress1947 Housing Islamabad Development PicturesDevelopment Pictures1947 Housing Islamabad Development Status1947 Housing Islamabad Development Update1947 Housing Islamabad Development Status

Total Land Area

The total land area of 1947 Housing Islamabad is about 8,000 Kanals. As the development work on ground has started already, you can visit the location to see the total land holding of the society and the ongoing development progress.

1947 Housing Islamabad NOC

All the required documentation is being completed by Sigal Developers for the approval of 1947 Housing Islamabad. It will soon be approved by Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). After approval of NOC, the plot prices will increase significantly.

Master Plan & Maps

1947 Housing Islamabad aims to combine contemporary development features with cultural heritage of this region, hence the concept of Mohalla is being revived in this urban settlement. The division of sectors in the society is based on alphabetical order and there are expected to be 13 sectors starting from Sector A up to Sector M.

All the sectors will be defined based on their plot sizes but there will be no compromise on the luxury features of any sector. Each sector will house different Mohallas/sub-sectors which are named after our national figures.

Following are the 4 Mohallas planned in Sector A of 1947 Housing Islamabad:

  • Mohalla Madr-e-millet Fatima Jinnah,
  • Mohalla Nawab Waqar ul Mulk
  • Mohalla Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed
  • Mohalla Liaqat Ali Khan

All sectors are meticulously designed to provide maximum scenery views. Provision of a lake, water park, and food street adds more value to this housing scheme.

Following are the images of the maps of all 4 Mohallas of 1947 Housing:

1947 Housing Islamabad Mohalla Madr-e-Millat Fatima Jinnah Map1947 Housing Islamabad Mohalla Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed Map1947 Housing Islamabad Mohalla Nawab Waqar ul Mulk Map1947 Housing Islamabad Mohalla Liaqat Ali Khan Map

Residential Plots

Following residential plot sizes are being offered by 1947 Housing Islamabad:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Salient Features

Besides representing the cultural heritage of Pakistan, 1947 Housing Scheme is a master-planned housing development where all facilities are planned according to everyday needs of prospective residents. Whether you are an investor or a potential resident, there are some peculiar features of this housing scheme which set it apart from the rest.

Following are some of the salient features of 1947 Housing Islamabad:

  • Grand Entrance
  • Seamless Accessibility
  • Themed Master Plan
  • Round the Clock Maintenance Services
  • Education Complex
  • Medical Facilities
  • Waste Disposal System
  • Underground Wiring for Electricity
  • Banks, Public Utility Offices, Fire Station
  • Business Park
  • Commercial Areas
  • Cadet College
  • Sports Ground
  • Central Recreational Park
  • Horse Riding Club
  • Boating Club
  • Green Club

1947 Housing Islamabad Amenities

1947 Housing Islamabad aims to provide all basic & modern amenities to its prospective residents. Besides provision of all basic utilities like water, electricity and gas, the society has planned the following amenities:

  • Community Club
  • Central Library
  • Graveyard
  • Jamia Mosque
  • Great Infrastructure with Aesthetic Appeal
  • Education Complex
  • State-of-the-art Hospital

Community Club

1947 Housing Islamabad is going to provide a communal space in the form of a community club so that the society residents can enjoy their peaceful time at a community club together.

Community clubs are important for societal building, and this is the reason that it offers community clubs in its amenities. This community club is going to feature different activities for every age group which means that the community club is going to be centered around the families.

Central Library

Central Library is one of the unique amenities that 1947 Housing Islamabad because no other housing society is offering a Central Library as of now. Central Library can also serve as a communal space where ideas can be shared, and it also offers great knowledge in the form of books. Central Library should be a part of every new housing society to promote reading and this society aims to provide a unique cultural aspect through Central Library.


1947 Housing Islamabad Sigal Developers are more interested in the well-being of society than any other developer in the country. Therefore, they have even thought of providing sufficient space for a graveyard that is going to cater to all the residents and the society is going to take care of cemetery arrangements.

Jamia Mosque

A grand Jamia Mosque is in the master plan of 1947 Housing Islamabad which means that the people will not have to worry about offering their prayers. Moreover, it is difficult to find a decent place for praying Jummah Prayers even in the most developed housing societies, and this is the reason that Sigal Developers have included Grand Jamia Mosque in their layout plan.

Great Infrastructure with Aesthetic Appeal

1947 Housing Islamabad is going to feature modern infrastructure that is going to be appealing. Special emphasis has been put on the development of the buildings as Sigal Developers aim to provide tall aesthetic buildings with commercial and residential units.

Education Complex

The developers have made sure that international standard schools and colleges will be opened in the society for the convenience of the families. Society is going to be centered around the families and education for children is a major part of it.

State-of-the-Art Hospital

1947 Housing Islamabad aims to provide the best health care facilities in the region and for this purpose, a tertiary care well-equipped hospital will be built to facilitate the residents. Trained doctors and medical staff will be on duty 24/7 to take care of the health issues of the residents.

Introductory Video

Following is the official introductory animated video of 1947 Housing Islamabad:

Official Brochure

Following is the official brochure of 1947 Housing Scheme Islamabad:

1947 Housing Islamabad Brochure

Prices & Payment Plan

1947 Housing Islamabad currently offers assorted sizes of residential plots at pre-launch prices. Available plot sizes include 5 marla, 8 marla, 10 marla and 1 kanal. Payment plan spans over 3 years, while bookings starts from 15% down payment. PKR 10,000/- processing fee is payable at the time of booking along with down payment.

Pre-Launch Payment Plan

Following are the pre-launch prices and payment plan of residential plots in 1947 Housing Islamabad:

Revised Payment Plan

Following are the revised plot prices and payment schedule of residential plots:

Please note that 5% and 10% discounts are available on half and full upfront payment respectively. Additional charges will apply on selection of category plots, i.e. corner, main road, park facing.

Booking Details

The booking process for 1947 housing Islamabad is quite simple and you will have to follow some simple steps to book your plot here. Contact Manahil Estate today to book your plots in this housing project.

You can reach out to us via different mediums, get in touch via phone/WhatsApp at 0345-5222253, send us an email at marketing@manahilestate.com, or simply submit your inquiry via our online chat form! Our representatives will assist you soon!

Documents Required for Booking

Following documents are required for booking a plot in 1947 housing Islamabad:

  • 2 Passport Size Pictures of the Applicant
  • CNIC Copies x2 or NICOP Copies in case of Overseas Pakistanis
  • CNIC Copies x2 for Next to Kin
  • Pay Order, Cash or Online Bank Transfer for Down Payment

Why Invest in 1947 Housing Islamabad?

1947 Housing Islamabad is one of the best investment options near Chakri Interchange due to its attractive location, unique concept & background of developers. As the project is currently at pre-launch stage and prices are quite reasonable, this is the optimal time to invest before any major development takes place.

Following are some appealing factors of 1947 Housing Islamabad:

  • Location alongside Motorway M2 near Chakri Road
  • Accessible from different housing societies in the area
  • Near Islamabad International Airport
  • Thematic Concept & Infrastructure
  • Pre-launch Prices

It is important to mention here that property investments are meant for long term when you realize the actual potential of a housing development. This entire area near Chakri Interchange is developing rapidly, but it will take about 5 to 10 years to reach its maximum potential. Therefore, do not fall for any short term gain, but make a sound investment decision considering the real potential of this area.

Pros and Cons

We at Manahil Estate do our best to present facts rather than painting rosy pictures about a project. Every project has its negatives and positives. Our job is to present facts as they are, and let you make a decision based on your own judgment.

We have listed down the pros & cons of 1947 Housing Scheme below, so that you can consider the negative aspects also before make a decision.


  • Location Near Motorway M2 and other newly developing Housing Societies
  • Preservation of Cultural Heritage of Pakistan
  • Concept of Hybrid Settlement combining culture, nature and technology
  • Theme-based housing project
  • Affordable Pre-Launch Rates


  • NOC is yet to be approved
  • Location is quite far from Islamabad City

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q- What is the legal status of this project?

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) for 1947 Housing Islamabad is still under process. The society is likely to be approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) soon.

Q- Is 1947 Housing Islamabad an affordable option?

Yes, with the pre-launch rates provided by the developers, it is an affordable option. Moreover, the easy payment plan makes it one of the most affordable housing societies in the region.

Q- Is it safe to invest in 1947 Housing Islamabad?

Yes, 1947 Housing Islamabad is a housing society that promises a high return on investment because of its location alone. Moreover, as soon as the society gets approved, the value of the plots will skyrocket as seen previously with other housing societies in the same area. Hence, it is safe to invest here because of its high yield in the future.

Q- What is the exact location of 1947 Housing Islamabad?

It is located right next to the Motorway M-2 near Chakri Interchange.

Q- Who is developing 1947 Housing Islamabad?

Sigal Developers has undertaken the development task of 1947 Housing Scheme. They are renowned for successfully delivering their past projects such as Murree Oaks, MS Tower Lahore, and Sigal Villas and Apartments. Sigal Developers has earned good reputation and credibility in the real estate market of Islamabad.

Q- How is this society different from other housing societies in the same area?

The unique living that the residents of 1947 Housing Islamabad will experience is different from all the major housing societies in the area. Moreover, the developers aim at providing a cultural experience to the residents and they have hired highly professional architects, designers, and engineers.


1947 Housing Scheme is a great new addition to the cluster of housing schemes developing near Chakri Interchange. Being a mammoth development project spread over 8000 kanals of land, it can take couple of years before you can see the concept taking physical shape. However, the concept of representing cultural heritage of Pakistan along with high-end development plan is an appealing factor of this housing scheme. 

Furthermore, plot prices are quite affordable which are likely to increase multiple times over the course of development. Therefore, investment at this pre-launch stage will certainly render better returns. 

Authentic and useful information about the 1947 Housing Society brought to you by Manahil Estate. Contact us today to book your plots in this emerging housing project.