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Top City-1 Issues Final Notice for Payment of Dues

Top City-1 Islamabad

Top City-1 Islamabad has issued a notice to all members of the society regarding payment of outstanding dues. The society has invited members to visit the site and witness the pace and quality of development work and physical possessions status of various blocks.

All such members who have not paid their dues till date are hereby informed to pay off their outstanding amount by or before 15th April 2018. Failing which, the society reserves the right to cancel their plots or relocate them to non-developed blocks.

Since New Islamabad Airport is going to be inaugurated by 20th April 2018, Top City-1 seems to have capitalized on that event to pressurize its defaulting members to submit their dues, otherwise they will lose the expected gain after the launch of airport.

Top City-1 also informed through general public notice to all such members who have changed their addresses and contact numbers that they should update their contact details in the society record, so that the society can communicate with them as and when required. Failing which can also result in cancellation or relocation of plots as per society’s policy.

Following is a copy of notice:

Top City-1 Notice

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