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Top 5 Commercial Investment Options in Islamabad

Investing in commercial real estate can be a good way to invest your money, especially if you live in a large city, or choose a property located in a city like Islamabad. Commercial investment in Islamabad is gaining momentum due to various reasons.

Being the capital of the country, the city is home to several national and international organizations. It is situated on the hyped-up route of CPEC, which makes it the future hub of regional commercial activities.

Anticipating these business prospects, Islamabad is blooming with the fastest growing business infrastructure. The Blue area was considered the hub for all the commercial activities but over time it is overfilled.

To accommodate the needs of increased demand for commercial spaces, new commercial buildings are required. This is when the opportunity to invest in commercial properties of Islamabad comes.

Types of Commercial Property Investments

Commercial property is a property that is rented to businesses or companies. This can be office buildings, supermarkets, or shopping centers. Often there are mixed-use commercial buildings: a type of building that is used for residential purposes as well as commercial.

Options of commercial Investment in Islamabad are numerous and include many types of properties. The major types include shops, office spaces, industrial spaces, restaurants, warehouses, and mixed-use buildings.

Shops and Stores

This type of commercial space includes the stores of retailers. In this category, we also find shopping centers of all sizes.


They accommodate companies. It can also be corporate offices or co-working spaces.


You can find an example of warehouses such as industrial areas.


Hotels also come under the commercial category.


Restaurants, dining spaces, and fast-food restaurants usually take the larger space of a commercial area.

Commercial Property as an Investment Opportunity

Real estate investors prefer to buy commercial properties. Commercial real estate has several advantages over residential real estate. On one hand, longer rental contracts are usually on the table.

The return is, therefore, more secure than with a residential property. The monthly rents for shops or offices are significantly higher than for houses that mean higher income for investors.

Higher Rental Yield

One of the main reasons why investors are interested in commercial real estate to invest their money is that the rental yield which in this type of investment is more than in residential units.

Multiple Investment Options

Another reason to invest in commercial real estate is the diversity of premises available for sale. If you are interested in commercial investment in Islamabad, such as a shop or office space, you will find a huge selection. Investors are also interested to invest in hotels, restaurants, clinical facilities, and industry-specific zones.

High Profitability

One of the great advantages of investing in commercial real estate is its obvious profitability. Indeed, the average profitability of premises for commercial useis generally higher than that of residential real estate.

The profitability of commercial property is even more attractive, especially if they are located in an attractive location, such as a busy city center or a commercial area.


The higher profitability of commercial real estate already promises you a better return on your investment. First, the longer rental periods ensure a certain permanence of rental resources. In addition, a certain number of routine maintenance costs are in principle the responsibility of the occupant.

A Safer Investment

Another reason for choosing commercial real estate investment is the greater security it provides to the investor. Investing in a shopping mall makes you free of any tension of illegal occupation even if you are abroad.

The Property Remains in Good Condition

In residential real estate, the tenants mostly leave the house in a sorry state, requiring repairs. This is not the same with commercial real estate. By acquiring offices, warehouses or businesses, you are guaranteed to find the place in good condition.

How to Find the Best Commercial Investment Option?

The easiest and most convenient way is to consult real estate investment advisors. We at Manahil Estate have the legacy to guide our investors with the best of our knowledge and the latest trends of the industry. If you need assistance in commercial investments, we are just a call away.

If you are searching on your own, then you must consider a few things before your commercial property investment.

Location of the Commercial Property

Investing in commercial real estate is special. As expectations are different depending on the business sector, prices, etc. The most suitable locations are the major shopping areas, squares, etc.

New or Previously Sold Commercial Property

The advantage of investing in old properties offers the possibility of knowing the rent and therefore of anticipating the rental yield. However, investing in new commercial properties is more convenient in various ways. You can buy it in installments and the price is usually lower than in older shops.

Buying a commercial space to rent it out has many advantages, as long as you choose the right location. To put the odds on your side to ensure a good investment, this step is essential. The commercial property must be located in a shopping street or an area with high commercial potential, located near a metro station or major retailers

Top Five Commercial Investment Options in Islamabad:

Gulberg Mall

Gulberg Mall is a mega project of Bhatti Associates. The project is located at the entrance of Gulberg Greens. The multiple-story grey structure is ready and construction work is in speedy progress. 

The Gulberg Mall Islamabad is meticulously designed by renowned architect Jamshaid Khan. You can invest in commercial shops, apartments; food courts, cinemas, and penthouses that are available on a 3-year payment plan. 

The Walk Commercial

The Walk Commercial is located in Park View City. Spanning over an area of 150 KanalThe Walk Commercial is an ambitious offering by Park View City. Accessible from the main boulevard, this commercial project is adjacent to H and J blocks.

This luxurious project has caught the eyes of many commercial property investors as it is going to be the next biggest commercial area in that location. Commercial plots of 1Kanal size are available for investment.

V8 Mall Islamabad

V8 Mall is located in the stellar location of Bahria Town Phase 7 Islamabad. The project is developed by Earthlink Developments. Due to its proximity to major landmarks of the area, the project is in high demand.

It is an amazing commercial investment opportunity if you want to invest in Bahria Town Islamabad. You can invest in commercial shops, restaurants, and office spaces. The project also includes a health club, gym, cinema, and gaming zone.

The Core

The Core is another aspiring offering by Eighteen Islamabad developers. The project is a set of 13 unique buildings.

The premium commercial spaces in The Core are currently available in installments. If you want to invest in a commercial property, which is furnished with premium amenities and features, then The Core is the perfect option.

These premium office spaces would be available near of golf course, shopping center, clubhouse, medical facility, and on route to the airport.   

Prime Commercial Plots

If you have been in real estate investment then you must be well aware of the UAE-based real estate company Emaar. Emaar Pakistan is offering Prime Commercial Plots of 4 & 8 Marla in Canyon View Islamabad.

Canyon Views is an exclusive gated community offering luxurious suburban living. More than 75% of residential plots sold, this commercial investment opportunity is among the top listed in Islamabad. 

For more details and free consultation on commercial investment, you can reach us at 03455222253 or visit our contact us page. With our help and professionals specializing in this market, your commercial investment will be more profitable in the long term.

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