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Silver City Rawalpindi Launches the Executive Block

Silver City Rawalpindi Executive Block

Silver City Rawalpindi is achieving milestones one after the other. As per the latest news, Silver City Rawalpindi Executive Block is officially launched. This exciting news was shared by the management on the official social media pages of Silver City Housing Society.

Today, Executive blocks are considered to be a luxury in a residential project and housing societies include these blocks in their master plan. Usually, Executive Blocks are the most luxurious blocks of any housing society as the name indicates. Silver City Executive Block will be the epitome of luxury housing in society.

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Following is a snapshot of the notification of the launch of the Executive Block of Silver City Rawalpindi:

Silver City Rawalpindi Executive Block

This block will be more luxurious as compared to the rest of society and provide better housing options. Furthermore, the prices of this block are likely to be more than other blocks because of improved luxury and amenities. However, similar to the past, the prices of Executive Block will be affordable. Silver City Rawalpindi Executive Block will present new and high-potential investment opportunities for investors.

As per the notification, the following are the salient features of this block:

  • 40 feet wide roads
  • Smart and intelligent features
  • Well planned streets
  • Free Wifi in Executive Block
  • Solar lights
  • Grand Jamia Masjid

Silver City management just launched this new block, therefore, many details like the master plan, plot cuttings, and prices are not yet available in the market. However, the society will disclose all details soon and a grand launching event may be held for Executive Block. We will collect all the details and display them on our website for the convenience of our readers.

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