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RDA’s Strict Action against 5 Illegal Housing Schemes in Rawalpindi

RDA’s action against illegal projects

According to the latest news, Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has taken strict actions against 5 housing schemes operating in different areas of Rawalpindi City. RDA’s action against illegal projects was carried out after the directions of Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa, Director General (DG).

As per the details shared by officials of the authority, RDA’s action against illegal projects was taken, and notices were issued to 5 housing schemes operating in Rawalpindi. These 5 housing societies are as follows:

  • Hoon Farmhouses, Adyala Road Rawalpindi
  • Safanza New Era, Chak Beli Khan Road Rawalpindi
  • New Iqra City, Rawat Rawalpindi
  • Green Lake City, Dhoke Bhaia Rawat
  • Royal Ghar (Apna Ghar) Chak Beli Khan Road Rawalpindi

The notices to these illegal housing societies were filed by RDA’s Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering Directorate (MP and TE). According to an RDA spokesperson, FIRs will be lodged against the owners of illegal housing societies, if they do not respond to the notices and discontinue operations.

The DG has also warned the general public to stay aware of the illegal housing schemes, which may pose themselves as legal and sell plots. Moreover, he also advised the citizens to invest in illegal projects, and they should refer to RDA’s official website to check the status of housing schemes. Furthermore, he also ordered the authorities to take strict actions and block the digital and social media campaigns of misleading housing societies. FIA’s Cyber Crime Wing will also be contacted in this regard.

According to RDA’s spokesperson, the authority was getting reports of different housing societies and their sponsors misleading the general public, through illegal advertisements via social and digital media, therefore, RDA took strict action. Furthermore, he stated that RDA will continue this operation against illegal housing societies without any discrimination to save the general public from fraudulent schemes.

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