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RDA Makes Rainwater Management Plan Must for Societies’ Approval

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Rawalpindi Development Authority takes yet another step towards better management and usage of rainwater by making a rainwater management system mandatory. This step is taken to store water that can be used in energy generation or in times of shortage.

In recent news, RDA clearly announced that, from now on, no housing society will get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) without a proper and implementable rainwater management system.

This applies to both residential and commercial projects. According to the RDA’s spokesperson, the director-general of RDA has been directed to work rainwater management system in societies and imply it as soon as possible so that the rainwater can be utilized instead of getting wasted.

It is indeed an environment-friendly step taken by the authority, as more and fresher water reserves are depleting with time. Furthermore, the harvested rainwater can be used to make energy, utilized in the time of shortage, and fulfill other water-related needs in the city.

RDA spokesperson also stated that mosques need more water, so the harvested water can be supplied to mosques so that there is abundant water for ablution purposes. RDA also plans to repurpose the water so that it can be used for irrigation.

Furthermore, repurposed water can also be used in other places like gardening, service stations, septic tanks, and much more. The rainwater harvest plan has been introduced by the funds provided by Turkey. UNDP (United Nations Development Program) has also agreed to provide the technical assistance needed for rainwater harvest systems and water recycling.

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