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List of Legal and Illegal Housing Schemes in Gwadar by GDA

Gwadar Masterplan

Gwadar is undoubtedly the most appealing port city of Pakistan for real estate investments due to a large numbers of developments going on and bulk of foreign investment coming into the city. There is a large number of housing schemes which are selling plots in Gwadar by advertising their projects via media and other channels. Numerous fake schemes have also taken good benefit of the opportunity and looted huge amount of money from general property investors by selling their illegal/fake projects.

There are government schemes such as Singhaar Housing Scheme and New Town Housing Scheme which are safe to invest,but there is a large number of private developers who are offering their projects to general public. The advertisements by such housing schemes are so attractive and misleading that people normally do not cross check the information and fall into the trap.

Gwadar Development Authority (GDA) has published a list of housing schemes on their website with their NOC status, so that you can check which housing schemes have valid NOC and which housing schemes have expired or cancelled NOCs which they are advertising openly to sell their projects.

We are listing down the detail of those housing schemes taken from GDA website (www.gda.gov.pk) for the benefit of general public and our readers so that they can check the legality of housing schemes currently available for investment.

Following is the list of housing schemes with project names, location, NOC number and NOC status:

Serial #Project NameLocationNOC #NOC Status
1Creek CityAnkara Janoobi02/04/H.S GDANOC Restored Conditionally
2New World CityDhore Ghati01/04/H.S GDAUnder Process for Restoration
3Golden PalmAnkara Janoobi03/04/H.S GDAUnder Process for Restoration
4GDA Housing Scheme No.5Dhore Ghatti05/04/H.S/ GDANOC Stands Expired
5Gwadar Royal GardenMoza Shabi06/04/H.S/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
6Green Palms GwadarMouzani07/04/H.S/GDA(BNOC Restored Conditionally
7Platinum CityMouzani08/04/H.S/GDA(B)Under Process for Restoration
8Globiz Avenue (old West BayAnkara Janoobi09/04/H.S /GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
9Globiz Avenue Phase-IIAnkara Janoobi10/04/H.S/GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
10White Pearl CityAnkara Shumali11/04/H.S/GDANOC Stands Expired
11Jinnah CityKia Kalat12/04/H.S/GDA (B)NOC Restored Conditionally
12Hermain CityPeliri Gurbi13/04/HS/GDA (B)NOC Restored Conditionally
13Model Town GwadarMozzani14/05/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
14Madina CityKia–e-Kalat15/05/HS/GDA (B)NOC Restored Conditionally
15Inara CityChaib Kalmati16/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Restored Conditionally
16Old Name: Koh-I-Noor Savanah
New Name: Gwadar Springs
Kia–e-Kalat17/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Restored Conditionally
17West Bay TownAnkara Shumali18/05/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
18Blue Ocean ResidencyChatti Junabi19/05/HS/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Restored Conditionally
19Old Name: Ocean City Gwadar
New Name: Ocean Marina Gwadar
Ankara Shamali20/05/HS/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
20Bin Qasim City, GwadarChaib Kalmati21/05/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
21Broadway ResidenciaAnkara Shamali22/05/HS/GDAUnder Process for Restoration
22Free Port Housing Scheme No.01Gamaro23/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Restored Conditionally
23Old Name: Kaamyab City
New Name: The Gwadar Central
Chib Kalmati24/05/HS/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
24GDA Bolan CityMazzani25/05/HS/GDA (B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Restored Conditionally
25Canadian City GwadarAnkara Shumali26/05/HS/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
26Jamal CityChatti Janoobi27/05/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
27Golden LakeChatti Janoobi28/05/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
28Gwadar City GwadarMazzani29/05/HS/GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
29New World City Phase-2Chaib Kalmati30/05/HS/GDA (B)NOC Stands Expired
30Platinum Sea View GwadarDarbella Shumali31/05/HS/GDA (B)Under Process for Restoration
31Rabi City GwadarChib Kalmati32/05/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
32Creek City Phase-IIMazzani33/05/HS/GDA (B)Under Process for Restoration
33Globel Village GwadarMazzani34/05/HS/GDA (B)NOC Restored Conditionally
34Gwadar Prime ViewGorani (Pasni)35/05/HS/GDA (Pasni)NOC Stands Expired
35Old Name: Shams Developer
New Name: Balochistan Broadway Avenue
Shambe Ismail Ward36/05/HS/GDA
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Restored Conditionally
36Old Name: Pearl Builder 
New Name: The Gwadar Lagoon.
Ankra Shumali37/05/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
37Old Name: Al-Shams Builder & Developer. 
New Name: Al-Shams City Gwadar
Ankara Shumali38/05/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
38China Village GwadarPeshukan39/05/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
39Florida City GwadarChati Jounibi40/05/HS/GDA (B)NOC Restored Conditionally
40Globiz Phase-IVAnkara Shamali41/05/HS/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
41Old Name: Desmount Residency
New Name: Kings Park Gwadar
Ankara Shamali42/05/HS/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
42Old Name: Marzia City/King City
New Name: Crown City Phase II
Chatti Shamali43/05/HS/GDA (B)NOC Stands Expired
43S.N. SahilParen Took44/06/HS/GDA(B)NOC Stands Expired
44Gwadar Royal Garden Phase IIShabi45/06/HS/GDA(B)
NOC Restored Conditionally
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
46Broadway City GwadarWashin Door47/06/HS/GDAUnder Process for Restoration
47Grace CityChib Kalmati48/06/HS/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
48Zero Point ResidencyChib Kalmati49/06/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
49Gillan ResidenciaAnkara Shumali50/06/HS/GDAUnder Process for Restoration
50Anchor City GwadarNighore Sharif51/06/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
51Arabian City Mazzani52/06/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
52New Name: Gwadar Golf City
Old Name: Rabia City Gwadar
Paleri Garbi53/06/HS/GDA(B)
NOC Restored Conditionally
53Meer Gurab (HBFC)Sur Bandar54/06/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
54Sharjah CenterChib Kalmati55/06/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
55Falcon HomesPrain Tok56/06/HS/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
Under Process for Restoration
56Sahil CityShabi57/06/HS/GDA(B)NOC Stands Expired
57Old Name: Crown City
New Name: China Park Golf Estate
Chati Shumali58/06/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
58Marine CityRobar59/06/HS/GDA(B)Under Process for Restoration
59Noor MarwahBandi60/07/HS/GDA(B)NOC Stands Expired
60Al-Rahim CityMazzani61/07/HS/GDA(B)Under Process for Restoration
61Liberty TownChib Kalmati62/07/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
62Gwadar Sea ViewPishukan63/07/HS/GDA(B)NOC Stands Expired
63Gulberg CityChati Shumali64/07/HS/GDA(B)
(NOC Suspended)
NOC Stands Expired
64Sun Silver CityChati Shumali65/07/HS/GDA(B)Under Process for Restoration
65Northern Alliance ParcsChib Kalmati66/07/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
66Indus City GwadarShabi69/07/HS/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
67Miami VillasWasheen Dhore68/07/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
68Coast Way ResidencyChatti Shumali70/07/HS/GDA (B)NOC Restored Conditionally
69Old Name: Gold Reaf City
New Name: Palm City Gwadar
Shabi67/07/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
70Sun Over Seas CityChatti Shumali73/07/HS/GDA(B)Under Process for Restoration
71Sachan City GwadarMazzani75/08/HSGDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
72Apna City GwadarChatti Shumali71/07/HS/GDA(B)Under Process for Restoration
73Savaira City GwadarChatti Junobi78/09/HS/GDANOC Stands Expired
74Al-Ghani Housing SchemeWashin Dhore81/14/H.S/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
75Marine HomesAnkara Junobi01/16/HS/com/GDANOC Restored Conditionally
76International Port CityKia Kalat74/07/HS/GDA(B)NOC Restored Conditionally
77Naval Anchorage GwadarAnkara Shumali82/17/HS/GDANOC Conditionally Issued
78ECHS Phase IIAnkara Junobi79/13/HS/GDANOC Issued
79BECHSAnkara Junobi80/14/HS/GDANOC Issued

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