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Jeddah Town Islamabad: CDA & NAB Fails to Evacuate Land

CDA and NAB joint operation to take possession of Jeddah Town Islamabad failed after the resistance from local residents.The joint operation was conducted under supervision of additional deputy commissioner (revenue) Raja Aurangzeb and it was jointly conducted by CDA Islamabad enforcement wing, district police and NAB teams but all in vain.

The scheme Jeddah Town was launched back in 1997 and plots were offered to general public. The society sold same files multiple times to different people and robbed billions of rupees from general public.

Later on, NAB picked up the case to recover the looted money from the society, however they are still facing resistance from local land mafia. Many people still have these files of Jeddah Town, but different people claim ownership of same plot. Also, local land mafia is sitting in the society which doesn't allow anybody to take possession of their plots.

This news was published in Daily NawaiWaqt on 29-5-2017. A copy of the news clipping is attached below:

Jeddah Town News Update

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