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Islamabad Sectors D18 E18 E19 and F18: Do They Really Exist?


CDA has recently published a notification to general public under instructions of Director Housing Societies Planning Wing Mr. Ayub Tariq, which says CDA capital limits are up to 17 Series, and all societies lying beyond on the southwest of 17 series are not CDA sectors.

This is news for general public that there is not sector D-18,E-18,E-19 and F-18 as per CDA master plan of Islamabad. While these sectors are widely known and used for well known societies like Engineers Cooperative Housing Society, Gulshan-e-Sehat and AWT housing Society. They are considered to fall under Islamabad Sectors D-18 and E-18, but CDA totally denies the existence of these sectors.

There are some societies which use the name of Islamabad Sectors, i.e. AWT, ECHS and Wapda Town Use the Sector Name D-18, Gulshan-e-Sehat Uses the Sector Name E-18 and Faisal Town Uses the Name F-18, Ministry of Commerce Society Uses the Sector Name E-19 etc. There are some other societies like Khudadad City, Green Town, Multi Gardens 2 etc, which use the name of Islamabad sectors in order to attract people towards their housing scheme.

CDA clearly states that capital limits as per the Islamabad Master Plan and CDA ordinance 1960, the Islamabad Capital Territory limits terminate after 17 series, i.e. A-17, B-17, C-17, D-17, E-17, F-17, G-17, H-17 and I-17, so all the housing schemes lying beyond this limit fall under “Specified Area” of Islamabad.

CDA advised general public to visit (http://cda.gov.pk) to check the current limits of ICT and current status of housing societies approved by CDA. CDA has also advised the subject housing societies not to use the names of CDA sectors in order to promote themselves and misguide general public as there are no new sectors planned as per the master plan of Islamabad.


  1. Intikhab says:

    Very informative, specificaly for oversease pakistani.

    • Ahsan mansoor says:

      Wrong information many sector like e19 awt etc r cleared by CDA and with NOC and construction is going on may be this is old add in the add e19 is not mention

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