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General Body Meeting of IBECHS Gulberg to Be Held on 23rd May 2016

Intelligence Bureau Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme (IBECHS) is to convene general body meeting of the society members and management committee on 23rd May 2016 at K Block, Pak Secreteriat Islamabad. The purpose of the meeting is to intimate the respected members on the performance of the society and future plans.

Following is the agenda of the meeting:

  • Performance report of the society as well as details and approval of development and other expenses including water, electricity etc of Pakistan Town Phase 1, 2 and Gulberg Islamabad since 11th November 2014 till date.
  • Approval of Audit for the year 2014-2015. Details and approval of budget for the year 2016-2017.
  • Details and approval of all decisions taken by the current management committee since 11th November 2014. Approval of new memberships.
  • Details of agreements of land purchases in phase 2 and miscellaneous expenses, also details and approval of the policy to allot developed plots against land.
  • Details and approval of all expenditures on Gulberg Expressway since 11th November 2014, affiliation matters of gulberg greens Islamabad,transferred land, plots acquired through affiliation and details of plot auctions.
  • Details and approval of revised NOC from CDA for 33000 kanals of land under gulberg greens and residencia.
  • Details of construction of school, hospital and dispensary for the welfare of members
  • Announcement of gulberg dreams heights apartments scheme for the welfare of employees,its details and approval. Balloting of apartment and plot numbers, details and approval.
  • Suggestions from members, discussion and future strategy based on tabled agenda and suggestions.

Members are requested to join the general body meeting. Lunch is also arranged for the members.

Following this news, there are many rumors afloat in the market regarding revised layout plan, balloting of unballoted files, location of plots which are still not visible on the current map, speeding up of development work and much more. Prices have also improved, especially of the unballoted files as well as the files of A and B blocks which are there on paper, but not visible on the map. Since it is rumored to be given location in the revised map, its demand is increasing.

The meeting will clear up many things as to the prevailing rumors, however it is not advisable to blindly jump into things which may only be just a hoax created by dealers in order to sell their files.

Copy of the newspaper advertisement is attached below:


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  1. UQ says:

    any update of what was discussed and decisions taken?

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