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FGEHF to Launch New Housing Scheme Near Park Enclave Islamabad

Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation has acquired 8500 Kanals of land in Zone 4 of Islamabad near Park Enclave Housing Scheme. The area reserved for the new housing scheme comes under Moaza Tama and Moaza Morian, and sale/purchase of land in the subject area is prohibited.

This new housing scheme is being launched as per the directions of Supreme Court in order to resolve the housing requirement of the members of Supreme Court Bar. 50 percent of the plots will be allotted to supreme court bar members and the remaining 50 percent plots will be allotted to the members of foundation. Allotment of plots to the foundation members will be done on first come first served basis.

There are no further details available regarding the new housing scheme, however we will keep you updated with any latest news regarding this scheme.

Newspaper clipping is attached below:

Fgehf Launching New Housing Scheme


  1. Mohammad Baig says:

    Are these housing schemes for the shelter less people or for minting from the poor and the shelter less and where is my dear prime minister on such issues.

  2. Mohammad Baig says:

    Trillions of rupees have been minted from the poor and the shelter less people in the name of shelter and they bloody are still on the foot path because all most 90 percent plots are given to the land mafia indirectly and most of them are allotted to their favourites.The majority of the beneficiaries is from upper classes and the poor and the shelter less need PM help in this regard which should declare that none of the owner of the plot,house or the flats will be entitled to apply for the plot,house or the flats and all such schemes are meant for the poor and the shelter less.My dear prime minister ,you should come up and take care of such things before the poor are looted in the name of shelter and the land mafia is minting billions on such scheme.

  3. Real Writingjobs says:

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