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FGEHF to Issue Provisional Allotment Letters in Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme

Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation (FGEHF) commits to issue provisional allotment letters soon to the allottees of Bhara Kahu Housing Scheme Islamabad.

The housing scheme was launched many years ago in order to resolve the housing requirement of federal government employees, however development work could not be started even after the development tender was awarded.

According to news sources, FGEHF and the developer have an ongoing contention over the development issue. The developer asks to increase funds for infrastructure development, since it was estimated at 2.10 billion rupees earlier which has now increased up to 3 billion rupees. Foundation has refused to increase funds with reference to the Supreme Court’s decision in this matter which directs the developer to complete its development within the given budget.

Another revelation came to light when NESPAK, the consultant firm of FGEHF, declared that the layout plan of 3200 plots designed by the developer is erroneous. About 786 plots can’t be considered for construction due to immense depth of ground. It is noteworthy that the planning wing of CDA had already approved this layout plan which turns out to be incorrect.

The infighting between the developer and the Foundation is ongoing and the development work is shut down, while the allottees are suffering due to these unnecessary delays.

A copy of this piece of news published in daily Jang is attached below:


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  1. 1 member says:

    As per this news cutting allotment letters should have been issued so far. But Being A Member I still not received Any Letter. Do any body have any update?

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