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DHA Phase 3 Garden City Current Status and Future Policy


It has been more than a year since we talked about Bahria Garden City Zone 5 to 9 AKA Serene City AKA DHA Phase 3 Islamabad. This project literally dampened the expectations of plot owners as they couldn’t earn benefit of this development after bahria town terminated transfer operations. Many investors got stuck after paying heavy byanas as there was no option but to wait until the transfer operations would resume.

The acquisition was not as simple as it seemed in the beginning, as DHA didn’t facilitate the plot owners. On the contrary, bahria town started the refund and relocation process. Many plot owners were offered alternative plots in Bahria Town Phase 8 as well as in Bahria Town Karachi. Some people availed the given options, while some preferred to get refund of paid amount.

Some plot owners got together to stage protests against DHA and Bahria Town for this grave injustice but it bore no result. Only a few resourceful people were entertained who could pay additional development charges to DHA, and they got allotment from DHA while majority was handled by Bahria Town. For 10 marla files, DHA levied 15 lac rupees additional development charges, and for 1 kanal files, DHA levied 20 lacs additional development charges.

This whole episode is full of injustice and brutal actions by Bahria Town and DHA, as majority of people purchased plots at higher prices from the market to build their homes in future. But now they have landed into a situation where they don’t have any plot, and they are being forced to get any replacement or pay more if they want to retain their plots.

The situation is still the same, i.e. those who have allotment letters of Bahria Town are unable to sell their plots, and they have no option but to get refund or alternate plots from Bahria Town. Those who have managed to get allotment letters of DHA are holding their plots and waiting for the relaunch of DHA Phase 3 by DHA Islamabad so that they can get better prices.

There is no authentic information available as to when DHA will relaunch these plots, however it is expected that DHA may adjust files of DHA Phase 4 and DHA Phase 2 Extension in Garden City. Some rumors also suggest that DHA will launch these plots on installments. Whatever be the case, things will turn positive only after sale purchase activity resumes in Garden City.

For those who are still holding allotment letters of bahria town, they should pay additional charges to DHA to get new allotment. Alternatively, they should choose an alternate plot option in Bahria Town Karachi. Refund or Bahria Phase 8 plots are not recommended as you lose potential gain from your invested money.

If you had or still have a plot in Serene City, what option did you choose or what is your plan to do? You can share your experiences in the comments section below so that our readers can benefit from your experience.