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DHA Multan Balloting Results Delay Raises Transparency Questions on DHA

DHA Multan Balloting Procedure

DHA Multan Balloting for residential & commercial plots was conducted on 31st May, 2017. It has been more than 7 days now, and still people are unable to find complete results on DHA Multan's Website. This unnecessary delay in uploading balloting results has raised questions on the trasparency of the whole balloting process.

According to media reports, DHA Multan received more than 2500,000 applications for booking of various sizes of residential & commercial plots. DHA received more than 1.5 billion rupees in the form of non-refundable registration fee. This is unfair on part of DHA to be unable to upload balloting results right after the ceremony was conducted and the results were finalized.

If you see the ratio of total balloted plots against total received applications, more than 95% people failed to win plots out of the balloting. This massive scale of failures has added to people's discontent on DHA's procedures, and also we hear murmurs all around the web and social media as people are raising question on the transparency of the balloting process.

DHA Multan has tried to respond to these questions by clarifying their procedure which start from open registrations, then it comes to listing down members and intimating them via sms or email. Balloting is openly done with the help of a software provided by G.H.Q and then the results are compiled and published on website.

DHA Multan Balloting Procedure2

Despite these clarifications from DHA, there are some questions which need to be answered:

1- Why did it take so long for DHA to compile balloting results, and why are they still unable to finalize results?

2- Why some authorized agents claim to have had maximum success rate in balloting while general public faces maximum failures?

3- Why did DHA accept so many applications for just 9800 plots and charged non-refundable registration fee? Just to make easy money?

4- Why did DHA Multan launch bookings before taking possession of all the land required for DHA Multan (claimed by Daily Pakistan)?

DHA must understand that it is a successful housing authority due to the trust of people who invest in DHA without having any fear of fraud or irregularities in its processes. Examples like DHA Multan cause people to lose their trust on this institution and many people are calling the whole balloting process a fraud.

Find below the article on DHA Multan Balloting Results Delay taken from Daily Pakistan:

DHA Multan Balloting Raises Questions


  1. Muhammad Bilal Khawaja says:

    DHA Multan seems to make easy money as there is no need to take so much as non refundable processing fee. What a great idea that was to have money from 300k applicant…

  2. Saeed Gul Khattak says:

    When is ballotting for DHA City KHI ???

  3. Nadeem says:

    When they have less number of number of plot, then it is cleared that DHA was not interested to facilitate to people. They focused on people token mony which was not refundable. Due to this they extend the depositing date of
    application form. I requested to Cheif Justice of Pakistan take sumoto notice and the hidden cruption of DHA Multan.

    • Waasif says:

      I requested to Cheif Justice of Pakistan take sumoto notice and punished to Cheif Management against hidden cruption of DHA Multan.

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