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DHA Islamabad Rejects the Launching News of Phase 8

DHA Islamabad News Cover

Recently, the news is circling in the real estate sector of Pakistan that DHA Islamabad is launching Phase 8 of the housing society. This news is no more than just a hoax. Society management responded timely to this rumor and clarified that it is not true.

DHA Islamabad has recently released a notification in defiance of this false news. Society is not launching Phase 8 of the society. DHAI-R did not announce the launch of any block specifically Phase 8 of the society.

The management of DHA advised the general public to not respond to any news regarding this hoax. Moreover, the management states that the name of Defense Housing Society Islamabad is being used illegally to spread such false information.

Following is the official notification from DHA Islamabad:

DHA Islamabad also mentioned taking legal action against the authorities/personnel that are spreading false news under the name of DHA. The management of DHA will not be responsible for any losses or scams arising from the launching of this so-called Phase 8.

Manahil Estate also advises the public to not pay attention to such false news to save themselves from real estate scams and losses. Before investing in any real estate project kindly confirm the status from dependable agencies like Manahil Estate.

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