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DHA Islamabad Getting Strict with Defaulter Allottees of DHA Valley


DHA Islamabad has been very sluggish over its project of DHA Valley Islamabad but recently they seem to have taken the project seriously and getting strict with defaulters who are in a large number.

Since many people who booked plots in DHA Valley lost their trust on the project due to its litigations and land issues, people stopped their due payments to DHA Islamabad.

DHAI has recently sent notices to all such allottees who have failed to pay the installments. There are 12 installments in total, out of which 11 have to be paid, as 12th installment is not accepted by DHAI itself. The 12th installment will be payable when DHAI announces possession to allottees but if an allottee wants to clear off all the dues, he can pay the 12th installment too.

DHAI has warned to all such allottees that it will cancel files of all those who are unable to pay off the installments within the given due date. The date was extended thrice in order to accommodate more allottees and now the final date given for payment of due installments and surcharges is 14th of January.

Many people who had forgotten about their investment in DHA Valley have now come back as they have come to know that they can earn profit on their files if they pay off the dues, so DHA is getting enough money to continue with the project and do the necessary development. If some files have to be cancelled due to non-payment, this will decrease the burden on DHAI itself, as they have allotted about 50,000 plots but they do not have much land to accommodate all allottees. If the number of allottees are reduced in this way, the remaining ones who have paid all outstanding installments can be accommodated sooner.

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