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Development And Price Update of Gulberg Islamabad April 2016


Gulberg Islamad has seen an upward trend over the past one and a half year mainly due to advancement of development work, construction of signal free expressway, extensive marketing techniques and concentration of a large number of buyers and investors.

We will focus primarily on gulberg residencia that is what majority of buyers would look into and want to know about the current developments and trends.

The development work has been slower than expected, however it is going on uninterruptedly at various blocks. We have added satellite image of overall area to mark the areas currently under development.

Gulberg Residencia

As you can see in the image above that development work in block A is going on and few streets are developed so far, whereas block B has no development.

Block C and J are partially developed. Block F, E and I are almost all developed and have possession, whereas parts of G, H and O are also developed. The circular road has been built around blocks P/Q, S/T and L/V and this is also a reaon why prices are going up in lower blocks.

As you can see block L, V and T are almost all developed now, whereas K, R, S, M and P blocks will take a bit more time for development. Much of the mentioned area is clear and shouldn't be delayed due to any land issues.

Major factor causing market prices to rise is that majority of buyers are buying plots for their house construction in future. This genuine housing requirement of local islamabad & pindi residents has added to the demand of plots. Additionally, a large number of investors have also jumped in from other stricken societies to grab the opportunity, especially from bahria town.

Currently prices of 7 marla plots range from 18 to 35+ lacs, prices of 10 marla plots range from 28 to 50 lacs and 1 kanal plots range from 40 to 80 lacs. Prices vary according to blocks, location, development status & category(corner, road). Cheap blocks include K, P, R and M, whereas expensive blocks include I, E, F, A, B, C.

Unballoted files have also seen an immense demand as balloting of plots is expected on 28th april 2016. Mostly investors have jumped in to grab unballoted files as it is an immediate gain opportunity. Revised map of Gulberg Residencia may also be released after the balloting.

Membership slips of 5 marla plots are also going hot nowadays. It is expected that payment plan of 5 marla plots will be out during the balloting ceremony and 5 marla plots will also be included in the revised map.

Since we recommended this investment  more than a year back, so those who invested have earned a fortune within a year. There is still much room especially if you choose to buy wisely.

Better blocks for investment include A, O, N, L, K, P, V and T. Recently some investments started in K block which increased its prices also and there is still much room if you buy a good location plot there. As circular road is under development, so the blocks having direct entrance from the circular road will gain more benefit.

Regarding Gulberg Greens, it is currently going through massive developments including launch of commercial projects across various blocks. Many builders from Islamabad also have launched their commercial projects at various locations in Gulberg Greens which have added to the general activity in the society and made it more appealing for future residence. Development has reached to advance stage and much of the area in initial blocks have possession. Many farm houses have started construction and few are built already. Considering the investment amount, return has been slow but there is still much room for growth as people are now considering farm houses as part of the luxurious living in Islamabad.

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