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Capital Development Authority Revamps Property Transfer Process

CDA property transfer process

Capital Development Authority (CDA) has been working to introduce a new and improved process for property transfer. The main reason behind it was to overcome the fraud and ease the process for the general public. For this purpose, the authority has introduced revised steps to simplify the property transfer process.

CDA property transfer process includes modifications in procedures of:

  • No Objection Certificates (NOCs)
  • No-Demand Certificates (NDCS)
  • Property Transfer to Legal Heirs
  • Safety Certificate Building

Furthermore, CDA has directed the institutions working under its jurisdiction to remove any unnecessary steps that are involved in property transfer process. Moreover, the authority also directed them to improve the resolutions of property-related matters.

Following are the details of measures taken for simplification of CDA property transfer process:

Inheritance Property NOCs

  • From August 1, 2022, the transfer of property to the rightful heirs after compilation with legal codes will only require an undertaking.
  • Capital Development Authority will demand the undertaking from rightful heirs of property to eliminate any illegal structures after completion of transfer process.
  • Estate Affectees, Estate Management-1, and 2 are responsible for transferring the cases to BCD (Building Control Directorate) for acquiring reports in case of application. BCD will analyze the application in light of infringement laws 2020.

No-Demand Certificates

  • The issuing time of no-demand certificates is reduced to just 4 days. Estate Management -1 and 2 will oblige to follow this timeline.
  • In case of Rejection, the applicant will be notified of the reasons/short-coming of why the NDC was not issued.

Transfer Letters

  • From August 1, 2022, a simple 2 step procedure will be followed by Estate Management-1 to provide the property transfer letters.
  • In case of acceptance, Assistant Director One-Window Operations Directorate will get a print of the letter and after completing legal obligations, he will hand over the transfer letter to legal heirs.
CDA Public Notice

Furthermore, Capital Development Authority and NADRA have also signed a contract to make the property transfer process easier and more secure.

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