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CDA Issues List of Illegal Constructions in Sector E-11 Islamabad

CDA has issued a list of illegal apartments and wedding halls/Marques located sector E-11 Islamabad which includes many famous name and renowned projects running in this sector.

According to the notification, Sector E-11 fallsĀ  in the municipal limits of Islamabad, therefore as per provisions of ICT (zoning) Regulations 1992, Islamabad Residential Sector Regulations, any development activity in this area is to be carried out after approval/NOC from CDA.

The authority has observed with great concern that illegal constructions in the form of Multi-Story buildings like residential buildings/apartments/commercial areas/shops and wedding halls/Marques are being carried out without prior approval/NOC from CDA and are therefore unauthorized and unlawful.

Some illegal constructions are being carried out without any references/Project name while others are being advertised and marketed by the sponsors with the following name & style:

  • Fortune Empire
  • Qurtaba Heights
  • Apollo Apartments
  • Margalla View Heights
  • Mehran Complex
  • Shaheen Apartments
  • Mustafa Heights
  • Makka Tower etc.

Apart from residential and commercial plazas/building, the construction of following Marques/Wedding Halls in sector E-11 is also illegal, unlawful and unauthorized:

  • The Monal
  • The Wedding
  • The Millennium
  • Aura Grande
  • Paragon
  • Taj
  • Zakia’s
  • Clay Oven
  • Blessings
  • Khiva
  • The Empire etc.

CDA has warned sponsors of all such projects to stop development work immediately and submit requisite documents permissible under rules and regulations to obtain formal approval/NOC from CDA, failing which illegal action will be taken by the Authority.

CDA has also warned general public in their own interest to refrain from sale/purchase in any projects of sector E-11 without prior verification from CDA.

A copy of the public notice is attached below:

Illegal Constructions in E-11

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